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Category: GPFS

Nagios plugins for monitoring GPFS

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Simple bash script for GPFS Filesystem (Global Parallel FS) checks. It will check status, inodes, mount and fill level of the fill system. You must execute this plugin local.


Nagios plugin (script) to check the status of the gpfs process running on one node.


Nagios plugin (shell script) to GPFS health monitor - Check GPFS deamon is active - Check GPFS device is healthy - Check GPFS Disk are available and up - Check GPFS inodes used in percent (you can define warning and critical threshold) - Check GPFS M ...



This Plugin is used to check quota's on all your filesets within your GPFS file system, becoming useful to check departmental quota's especially where GFPS is deployed in large scale computing/HPC environments. It uses the mmlsfileset and mmlsquota com ...