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GIF Animated Nagios Logo

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GIF Animated Nagios Logo
An animated version of the usual Nagios logo.
If anybody is interested... I've taken some time to animate the Nagios logo. Nothing fancy. Just something to let people know the web browser is still working. Here at the CMC we do 24x7 web based monitoring of hundreds of systems (not with Nagios yet but we are looking into it) and our monitoring personnel have noticed once or twice their systems/web browsers have completely locked up and sometimes nobody realizes it for a long time because nothing is usually moving on their monitoring page. Obviously the browser locking up is a sign of a more fundamental problem, however, I think that having some movement on the page could go a long way to making sure that this sort of problem doesn't cause users too much of a headache in terms of missed monitoring messages.

This file is an animated GIF whose technology I remember being around from when I first started using computers so it should probably work in most browsers. I've also tried to keep the file size fairly small (13 KB) so the page continues to load fairly fast. I believe the original source file is called "sblogo.jpg".

If you have any problems with it then let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Hope it helps.

-- malekc
Reviews (1)
byfmtkk, August 11, 2009
Good idea to use animated main nagios logo instead of a fix one (Nagios default).
Adds dynamics and living web-console.

Will use this image as from now instead of the default one.

Implemented about a dozen of Nagios monitoring servers (CentOS, RHEL5, Debian 4 and 5) using Nagios 2.x and 3.x, PNP4Nagios, etc. for globally more than 150 monitored network equipment and almost 2000 services alltogether.