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Category: File System

Nagios plugins for monitoring various aspects of file systems (files, file counts, directories, mount points, etc.)

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Additional listings are organized in the following sub-categories:
  • GFS (1 listings)
  • GPFS (4 listings)
  • NFS (6 listings)
  • SMB (14 listings)
Category Listings:
There are 75 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!


This plugin will report what hard drives in the range A: - Z: exist on a Windows machine. This plugin uses NSClient++ to gather the information. The plugin will use check_nrpe (by default) or check_nt (if specified) to query the Windows machine. This plu ...


Check all disks on a Windows server

Check usage on all drives on a Windows server in one plugin.

Check Disk Win2k3 - SNMP

Plugin Nagios via SNMP to check the use of disk in Windows 2003 Server

check file growth

Checks growth of log files using PHP.

Check folder for stale files

This plugin object is to check if a file has been inside certain folder for a period of time and alert if so.

check folder size (linux nrpe)

Usage ./ -f dir [-s (k|m|g)] [-w (size)] [-c (size)] -f Folder to check -s k (Kilobytes) m (megabytes) g (gigabytes) -w Warning level -c Critical level


Check free disk space with snmp

with this simple nagios plugin you can check the free space of every harddisk. You can also pass parameters for warning and critical, when the percentage of the used space goes higher than your supplied levels

Check if files are periodically updated on a windows sh...

This plugin is a bash script which will check a windows share using the smbclient command. It will alert critical if the files matching a pattern are older then a specified amount of time or are not found. It can also warn if the files are not bigger th ...


Check if FS is Mounted ( AIX, NFS, UNIX,...

Check if FS is Mounted ( AIX, NFS, UNIX, Linux, Solaris Shell Script for Nagios, checks if the FS given is mounted. Assumes that you are checking NFS by default, but it can check for any type of FS: NFS, NFSv4, CIFS, JFS, JFS2, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, etc (If a FS is mounted more than once it gives a Warning ...


Check IO Wait (by Nestor@Toronto)

Check IO Wait for Linux. Return IO wait in percentage Script were written in BASH, tested on CentOS 6.X, Nagios 3.X # Dependency: iostat

Check Linux file system use including xfs project quota...

Check Linux file system use including xfs project quota. Check Linux file system use including xfs project quota if implemented.


check mountpoints like nfs, cifs, davfs, lustre, ocf2, ...

Check if all specified nfs/cifs/davfs mounts exist and if they are correct implemented. That means we check /etc/fstab, the mountpoints in the filesystem and if they are mounted. It is written for Linux and Solaris, uses proc-Filesystem and was tested on ...


Check number of files in directory via telnet

Plugin to check number of files in a remote directory using telnet. Implemented in Expect.

Check project quota on xfs filesystem

This simple written plugin checks the project quota on xfs filesystems. If you reach the softlimit you get the warning message and the critical message when you reach the hardlimit. xfs-tools are needed. Additional infomations in the plugin file


check remote files age in minutes

checks a directory on a remote system (via rsh or ssh) and returns a warning if a specified amount of files is found which is older than x minutes.

Check Veritas Volume Manager

This is a nagios check plugin for Veritas Volume Manager. It checks the vxprint output for disk, plex and subdisk problems and the vxdmpadm output for disabled I/O paths.

Check_all_disks (w/ configuration file)

Check all filesystems with the ability to ignore and override threshold settings


Counts how many files are in the directory and subdirectories written in bash orginal from Gerd Stammwitz

check_dir_files perl

check_dir_files is a nagios plugin to monitor the number of files in a given directory and warn if this number exceeds a certain threshold.


Nagios Plugin to check disk over snmp (Linux/Windows)



A simple check-plugin for nagios to check free disk space


Check diskusage for a guest server on an ESX installation. The check is done through the vcenter/vSphere API, meaning that the guest server's disk usage can be checked without installing/configuring anything.


Simple Shell Script, which touches a textfile with smbclient on an SMB-Mount, then checks if the file is readable, and deletes the file.


Polished and fixed version of check_diskwrite, which allows to check availability of either smb or windows shares, by writing and reading of file into the share.


This is a simple nagios plugin to monitoring the disk usage percentage, when you are working inside LXC container on proxmox. It is based on df command to gather info about disk and awk to manipulate output.



check_disk_snmp This Perl script uses SNMP to check remote Unix disk partitions and offers some good flexibility on regex inclusions and exclusions.


This script checks all mounted ext2/3 filesystems with dumpe2fs/tune2fs. It checks the mount count againts the max and also the next scheduled check. It gives WARNING in case there is 7 or less days to next check of if mount counter is nearing ...

LicenseGPL - Check files age and number of files in...

This plugin takes "ls"-like file spec (such as *.tmp) and counts how many such files are there allowing to send alerts if its too many. It can also check file age and alert if file or directory has not been updated in a while. Performance info on number o ...



check_filesystem_e is a Windows plugin for Nagios, which checks the integrity of any files by their file size (checksum in bytes) A comma- separated list of Excludes is possible, supports also Regex for file names.

A simple plugin for nagios that will check a directory to make sure files are moving out.



This plugin pulls all files in each specified directory, and checks their created time against the current time. If the maximum age of any file is exceeded, a warning/critical message is returned as appropriate. This is useful for examining backup directo ...


check_file_count Plugin to check/count the number of files and/or directories (incl/excl subs). Warnings on low/high/equal.


This is going to check the number of files in a specific directory is below certain thresholds and return results in a nagios compatible format. Usage: -d = Directory to be checked. Example: "-d /tmp/". Required parameter. -w,-c = Warnin ...



Simply script to check if a file exists or not. - return OK if file exists - return CRITICAL if the file does not exists



check_file_exists_glob Check for existence or non-existence of a file or files - using glob patterns.


Check_file is a plugin which checks to see if a specified file is present in a directory.



Has not been tested with other versions of Nagios other than 3.1.4.



Usage ./ -f dir [-s (k|m|g)] [-w (percentage)] [-c (percentage)] -f Folder to check -s k (Kilobytes) m (megabytes) g (gigabytes) -w Warning level -c Critical level This plugin is the percentage version by check fold ...


Check to see if a file system is writable.

LicenseGPL A simple plugin for nrpe users that takes care of the new created or removed file-systems and informs you.


Checks the status and number of bricks of GlusterFS. -v data -n 2 GLUSTER OK - Volume data is Stable



A plugin for nagios to check that a glusterfs partition is correctly mounted.


A nagios check script for alerting on distributed geo-replication in non-optimal states. Written in bash.



check_mdf - Check Minimum accepted Disk Free space Usage description: ------------------ Script/Nagios plugin checks all local FS's in one round run. It checks 2(4) thresholds together. You can't think of modify FS check params (e.g. in nrpe.c ...



Bash script to check mounted devices, passing arguments mount point OR device, and type of filesystem (useful for nfs mountpoints).

check_mount by fuqu

check if a specifoc mountpoint is mounted, optional check filesystemtype, and mountoptions USAGE: ./check_mount -m MOUNTPOINT [-t TYPE] [-o OPTIONS]



Checking that fstab mount points are mounted and that swaps are active.



This plugin pulls the most recently created file in each specified directory, and checks its created time against the current time. If the maximum age of the file is exceeded, a warning/critical message is returned as appropriate. This is useful for exami ...

Plugin that check existence of new files since last execution in a specified folder.


Check the date and mount count of the device passed by parameter. It's able to manage devices not configurated to be checked by fsck (values -1 and none in max mount count and date interval).

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