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Category: Games

Nagios plugins for monitoring games and game servers.

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Check weewar

Checking open games at


This plugin queries a server using the UDP GameSpy4 interface and therefore does not need any plugins (just turn on query in Also does perfdata on response time and player count.



Plugin for checking availability, response time and number of players on a Minecraft server. The plugin queries the server by sending a 0xFE Server List Ping packet. The server is not required to have enable-query or enable-rcon enabled.



Nagios plugin to check the status of minecraft servers. Supports Minecraft 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 (preliminary testing against 1.8 snapshots show the 1.7 protocol still works with 1.8). Tested on MCPC+, Spigot, CraftBukkit, and Vanilla servers. Uses the stand ...


A plugin for monitoring a Minecraft server running version 1.7 or 1.8.



These plugins will monitor various aspects of a "Bukkit" Minecraft server. - World size in MB (PerfData) - Ticks per Second (PerfData) - Server Health - # of Players / Slots (PerfData) - Server Memory stats (PerfData) - The plugins DO NOT ac ...



This is a Nagios plugin to monitor game servers. The plugin uses qstat to do all the queries. All games that are supported by qstat works with check_quake. The plugin complies with the Nagios Plugin Development Guidelines. It has some basic sanity che ...



check_shard.php This is a nagios plugin that monitors whether an Ultima Online Freeshard is up and responding.


A plugin for checking Spigot based Minecraft servers via RCON.


Checks a Team Fortress 2 server to make sure it does not time out. Check returns the time taken to perform the check, amount of data from the server, and current map. Performance data is returned for current users and bots on the server.


Symantec 5220 Disk Appliance

NOTICE: Latest firmware (2.5.3) has broken the plugin's ability to submit commands via SSH. I no longer have access to an appliance to work around this. These plugins were written as a way to monitor various metrics on the appliance that Symant ...


World of Warcraft Realm status

Checks the status of a World of Warcraft realm.