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Graph Explorer Component

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios XI
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This is a Nagios XI Customer Download. This component requires Nagios XI 2011R1.3 or later.

The Graph Explorer component utilizes javascript libraries to create interactive graphing tools for Nagios XI, including zoomable performance graphs, time-stacked performance graphs to compare data for periods of time, custom time selections and more!
Graph Explorer Features:

- Graph listings filtered for each XI user
- Top Alert Producers bar graph
- Host and Service Health pie charts
- Zoomable Performance Graphs with custom time selections
- Zoomable "Time-Stacked" graphs that overlay custom timeperiods
- Export any graph to pdf, png, or vector image to use in external reporting tools
- Turn any graph into a dashlet


- Graph explorer now adds a clickable graph icon in the status tables to view graphs without leaving the page. (Requires Nagios XI 2012r1.3 or later for this feature).

- Added fix to allow negative values
- Fixed bug where service-only contacts couldn't graphs

- Support for upcoming XI internationalization

- Updates for new highcharts library

1.4 07/12/2012
- Fixed page resizing CSS bugs (reported by SeanFromIT)
- Updated tabs to use CSS3 for rounded corners

1.3 05/23/2012
- Fixed shell vulnerabilities (reported byDaniel Compton from NGS Secure)
- Added support for vertical resizing of graph explorer dashlets

1.2 03/05/2012
- Timeline graphs now load a default graph on page load
- Restructured page load for much faster page load times
- Tweaked some data queries for improved performance
- Page load times reduced 50-60% on average

1.1 11/21/2011
- Fixed a bug that prevented some services from displaying in the list
- Fixed a bug that prevented host-only checks from having viewable graphs