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Category: Others

Nagios plugins to monitor other types of network gear, for which there is not yet a separate category.

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Category Listings:
There are 24 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

Alteon Real Server Session

Number of sessions of a real server, under a Alteon Load Balancer

ATS Lan Controller Temperature check plugin

This plugin check temperature from ATS Lan Controller via DTH11 sensor.


ATS Lan Controller Voltage check plugin

Watch voltage readings from ATS Lan Controller.


AVM FritzBox DSL status with traffic counter

This plugin queries the dsl state of an AVM FritzBox via uPNP and returns the traffic in/out as performance counter. Tested with an AVM Fritzbox 7390 and FRITZ!OS 06.20


Check Paloalto A500

Check Paloalto A500 firewall via SNMP


Check Ruckus ZoneDirector - Number of APs

Check for Ruckus ZoneDirector to monitor the number of AP's associated with the ZoneDirector based on SNMP.



This is a script that checks the AC status of a Gigamon G-TAP-ATX.



A perl plugin to check the connected stations to the G750S Zyxel access point. It return the list of connected stations with IP, MAC, State and signal strength. Other same series zyxel access point may work.



?# check_Mikrotik_OS Python3 plugin to Check Mikrotik firmware and OS versions on Mikrotik / Routerboard devices. If either the firmware or os packages need updating then and warning is raised.



This plugin monitors the health and status of your Watchguard XTM Firebox Cluster (Firecluster). It relies on SNMP being enabled on your firebox. V1/2 and V3 supported. All auth/priv levels supported.


This Nagios Plugins is SNMP based, used to monitor mikrotik routers environment's values for example Temperature and Power Consumption.



This is snmp based plugin, can monitor Mikrotik Router’s main memory and system disk usage as well as storage allocation failure. Currently Critical & Warning threshold has been set only for main memory. Sample command, check_snmp_mikrotik_memory ...



Checks CPU load of a Lancom Router



Checks memory usage on a Lancom Router


Fritz!Box 7490 check

Script to check several items on the Fritz!Box 7490

G8052/G8264 monitoring plugin

The plugin can be used to monitor the following for G8052/G8264 IBM switches -- SNMP -- Temperature -- Fan -- Global Health status -- Power -- CPU Utilization The plugin uses SNMPv1/v2c to get the information from the swi ...


Palo Alto Firewall

SNMP Check for Palo Alto Firewalls with Performance data Tested on PA 3020 there is another file for PA 500 because fanspeed is not availible. Only Fanstatus.

Palo Alto Firewall VPN Information Global Protect PanGP

This is a simple script to get information about connected vpn users and utilization of possible vpn channels. Output with performance graph. Usage: check_paloaltovpn warning and critical are for utilization check only

Peplink Balance Status

Check the status of a Peplink Balance device running firmware 5.4.x with SSH enabled.


SonicWALL VPN check

This PERL script will test to see if a VPN is currently active or not.