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Tools that help with Nagios plugin development.

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check freeradius/radius auth/acct/status advanced and f...


# Updated after a suggestion by Rune Nilssen # Thanks for the suggestions Rune! I could not find a flexible enough and fast enough(have no idea why all those other check radius scripts works so slow?) I had to write my own which came out a fully fea ...




# Updated after a suggestion by Rune Nilssen # Thanks for the suggestion Rune! A very flexible check radius script using radcheck. I found all other scripts to slow or to unflexible so i wrote this one. It has 3 functions check auth check acct a ...



almost the same as original check_mrtgtraf but this one works and is "fine tuned" to give detailed output on which IN or OUT threshold was exceeded, it is also "fine tuned" to present the output in Mbyte and/or Kbytes depending on how much traffic there w ...


This plugin check the temperatures probes of your system. You can define warning and critical thresholds.


check_snmp_attributes.pl - experimental plugin base & l...


This is an experimental library I was working on in 2008 to make it easier to write plugins similar to ones I've written without really writing any plugin code and just defining how data is retrieved. It started from the code from I believe check_snmp_tem ...



THis plugins checks your ping, download and upload debit using speedtest command line. You can define warning and critical thresholds for ping, download and upload. It's possible to only monitor one of the three (ping, download, upload).



This is not a Nagios plugin. This is just a script that takes an infile with IPs and HOSTs and creates a NAGIOS config file. This scripts is very flexible where one can change everything needed to be able to read a file containing IPs and HOSTs and cre ...

Kunjumon - define services using xml


Kunjumon is a framework that can be used to create plugins for Nagios monitoring system, without writing any new code. The plugins thus created are robust, and, can monitor complex scenarios by querying data from multiple databases. While efforts to bu ...



Almost ready for use windows cmd batch witch calls 'real-checking-program', processes it's output and returns 'Nagios way' status.




A family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios plugins


A framework for developing check and notification plugins in python. Several plugins are included as examples.



Naptor Naptor is Nagios Application Monitor, for help you monitoring your backend application process. You can use this application only on same server (your application and nagios server must be in same server).