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WebReboot Nagios Plugin

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WebReboot Nagios Plugin
The WebReboot Plugin for Nagios is a suite of commands that can be used within Nagios to monitor a server and take corrective action if necessary.

The WebReboot is a product for managing and monitoring equipment in a network installation. The product can be used to power-off, power-on, or reboot "frozen" equipment. E.g., if you have a kernel panic or a blue screen of death and cannot access the server via a remote terminal.

Additionally, the WebReboot can monitor aspects of your server, such as the ambient temperature.

The WebReboot Nagios Plugin is a set of check commands and event handlers that will let you use the WebReboot in your environment. You can use the check commands to verify whether a server is powered on or off (network pings are unreliable) or whether the ambient temperature of the server has exceeded warning or critical thresholds. Based on these checks, you can use standard Nagios event handlers or some provided in the plugin. E.g., you can shut down a machine when the temperature is too high to prevent damage to equipment. You can also use the event handlers in response to Nagios checks, such as rebooting a server if the SSH server stops working.