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Category: Weblogic

Nagios plugins for monitoring BEA/Oracle Weblogic.

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Check JMX plus XPATH

Unlike Other Weblogic Plugins, this one can monitor/compare many different Values in the Weblogic JMX MBeans. It would be fairly simple to expand this to jboss or other JMX compatible servers with a tweak. I have not gotten to this point yet.


Check Weblogic Instance Health

This project is not in active development. Please feel free to contact with questions. Checks the health of a Weblogic instance using jmx and wlst. This was developed and tested with Weblogic version 12C. Please feel free to contact me with support ...



This plugin will check the current memory usage of your Weblogic application (with perfdata).



nagios plugin to check if a weblogic jvm heap is falling below nominal thresholds (current and delta free) (ksh script)


nagios plugin to check if a WebAppComponentRuntime object on a weblogic application server is exceeding a maximum specified concurrent sessions value (ksh script)


check_wlst_sessions # check_wlst_sessions 1.0 Nagios compatible plugin to check via WLST the number of actives sessions on a Server (On Oracle WebLogic Server v9+) BOTH Files (.sh and .py) are needed for this plugin to work


Weblogic Plugins

Plugins to obtain Weblogic?s JVM HEAP size and DEFAULT RUNTIME QUEUE length using Weblogic MBEANS. Should work for all platforms


Wlsagent is a Nagios plugin which aims to provide JMX monitoring capabilities for WebLogic servers (9 & 10), whith the smallest possible memory footprint. Monitoring is achieved with simple HTTP requests, through the use of an embedded Jetty container. ...