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Windows NRPE plugin to check HP SmartArray controllers

10 votes
check_smartarray.vbs26/06/2008, Version 0.9b
check_smartarray.vbs03/08/2008, Version 1.0b, bug fix release
check_smartarray.vbs25/08/2008, Version 1.0.1, see change log
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Script Name: check_smartarray.vbs
Usage Syntax: cscript.exe //NoLogo //T:10 check_smartarray.vbs [--hpacucli PATH|-h]
Author: Alex Simenduev, PlanetIT.WS (http://www.planetit.ws)
Version: 1.0.1
LastModified: 25/08/2008

Checks the status of HP Smart Array Controller Series by using "hpacucli.exe", the produced output is compatibe with Nagios. The script assumes that "hpacucli.exe" is in the path, if it is not you can specify the path in command line argument (only version 1.0.1 and up) or modify the global variable in the script that responable for the "hpacucli.exe" location, the name of the variable is: "gsHpacucliPath".
Default Exit code is 3 (UNKNOWN)

This script is based on the BASH shell script taken from HP forum:

!!! Make sure you using a latest version of "HP Array Configuration Utility CLI" !!!

1: This script is supplied as-is without any support, I hope it works for you.
2: You free to modify/distribute this script as you wish, but you must have the folowing line in the script: "Original author Alex Simenduev, PlanetIT.WS (http://www.planetit.ws)"
3: I cannot guaranty that this script works in all cases, please report bugs to shamil.si(at)gmail.com

Change Log:
Version 1.0.1:
[+] Added constant for script version
[+] Added commandline arguments, use "-h" for usage help
[*] Other small/minor changes

Version 1.0b:
[!] Fixed a bug when another instance of ACU is running, a warning state will be produced in such situation.

Version 0.9b:
[*] Initial release.
Reviews (7)
bycobrew2003, February 29, 2016

I don't understand. How from nagios I run the script and capture the output if the script is in the Windows host?

Can anybody help me?

byStout, January 23, 2016
find and replace all hpacucli with hpssacli and this checks works with new controllers
There is also a new CLI program for these contoller.
Script is not working anymore.
Annyone a update of these nice tool ?
Nowadays I have to copy new HP CLI tools:
copy hpssacli.exe hpacucli.exe
copy hpssascripting.exe hpacuscripting.exe

Check works still excellent! Thank you!
You have to change line 203 from "Battery Status:" to "Battery/Capacitor Status:" to get all OKs

And I had problems with the arguments. It could not find the hpacucli.exe with the given arguments. Change Line 56 to "C:Program FilesCompaqHpacucliBinhpacucli.exe"

Using Version 1.0.1
byMaxWinterstein, August 1, 2013
had a small problem while using the wrapper scripts that are around here, but this did the trick:

check_smartarray=cscript.exe //T:30 //NoLogo scriptscheck_smartarray.vbs --hpacucli "C:ProgrammeCompaqHpacucliBin"

also important to say it was not able to run it via "C:Program Files" for me...
byshamil, July 14, 2011
My name is Alex Simenduev, my NagiosExchange username is shamil. I'm the author of that plugin.
I want to be the owner of current listing. How can I achieve that?

Alex Simenduev