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Category: OpenVZ

Nagios plugins for monitoring OpenVZ - a container-based virtualization solution for Linux.

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Category Listings:
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check beancounters

A Nagios-plugin to monitor fail-counts of OpenVZ containers.


Check OpenVZ Guaranteed Memory

Check OpenVZ Guaranteed Memory This bash script reports on and checks memory usage of an OpenVZ container, and warns if it exceeds the amount of guaranteed memory.



This Plugin checks QEMU-VMs and OpenVZ-Containers on a ProxMox 1.9 System. There are several options, for example only check Autoboot VMs or specify important machines which result in Critical Status.


OpenVZ Bean Counters Nagios Script

A script designed to be executed on an OpenVZ host machine, which allows Nagios to monitor /proc/user_beancounters to see if resource limits have been reached. By Kyle Brandt.


pve-monitor pve-monitor is a plugin to monitor Proxmox clusters. It gives the status summary of openvz and qemus vms, storages and nodes.