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Category: F5

Nagios plugins for monitoring F5 network gear.

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Category Listings:
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Automated F5 BigIP monitoring using API

Automated F5 BigIP monitoring using API Complete Nagios solution for automated monitoring of F5 BigIP using API & SNMP in Ruby: checks all pools, pool members, virtual servers, and if you wish nodes. Generates Nagios config automatically, fetches data with (relatively speaking) few requests aga ...


Big-IP Pool Status Check

This Nagios check can be used to monitor pool availability and member status on Big-IP hardware. It uses SNMP (v1 or v2) to get the information from the Big-IP.


BigIP Pool and Virtual Server checks

This project features two checks for F5 BigIP Load Balancers. They runs on v4.5 (ex. BigIP 5100) and v.9 (ex. LTM 6400) hardware. check_bigip_pool checks the number of servers available. check_bigip_vs checks the availability of a Virtual Server.

Check BigIP F5 bandwidth

I just found an old Nagios plugin of mine, it was sitting in a directory, taking dust. As usual, I’m not a programmer, so I just do quick and dirty tricks to get what I need, so here it is the plugin in all it’s bash glory. The plugin is comment ...


Check BigIP F5 load

As for the previous F5 plugin, I just found this old Nagios plugin of mine, sitting in a directory, taking dust. As usual, I’m not a programmer, so I just do quick and dirty tricks to get what I need, so here it is the plugin in all it’s bash glory ...



This is a group a Perl scripts that use iControl from F5 to run check on the BigIP version 9.x only need to have perl and iControl 9 install on the box running the plugins


A perl script to check F5 BigIP Load Balancers via SNMP. USAGE: ./ - description: checks CPU and memory utilization on F5 using SNMP- Requires: Perl [naturally] and Net::SNMP Perl module. CHANGELOG: 0.2: Neglected to add 'use strict' before.


F5 APM Concurrent Users

Nagios plugin which collect via snmp (v2c or v3) the number of concurrent APM users on a F5 Big IP. Use F5-BIGIP-APM-MIB = apmGlobalConnectivityStatCurConns. It also provides performance monitoring. You can run it as follow ...

F5 Big IP Plugins

F5 Big IP Plugins Check F5 BigIP pools, poolmembers and nodes using SNMP. Optional you can have a multiline output in status overview. The plugin supports blacklisting and whitelisting. In case of a blacklist the blacklisted items are listed in output as blacklisted so you ...


F5 BIG-IP Nagios plugins

Nagios plugins for checking F5 balancers system BIG-IP MIB objects from: Chassis, Failover, Pools, PoolMembers, Virtual Servers and Virtual Addresses.


F5 pair status check

This script can be used if you have a F5 pair. Run it against the active F5. Alert will go out if failover occurs or status changes to one of the following - forcedoffline, offline, unknown, standby.


Nagios – Check BigIP F5 memory

Just a simple bash plugin to check F5 BigIP memory usage.