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Category: BGP-4

Nagios plugins for monitoring BGP-4.

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check BGP neighbor JunOS

Perl script to check BGP neighbor states for JunOS devices via SNMP. If BGP session not in state established a CRITICAL alarm occurs. Performace data for in/out BGP updates/ message counters are included



check_bgp script that uses BGP4-MIB (ePN complient)


This plugin improves upon the basic check_bgp and does everything via SNMP.


check_bgp_ipv6 Check BGP peer IPv6 status via SSH or Telnet on Cisco IOS. Parse command "sh ip bgp ipv6 unicast summary"



check_bgp_v4_v6 This will check if the bgp session is established Since it parses the "show bgp summary" command to the router using expect, it worked only with devices that has already have plugin file. I've only writen code for Juniper routers Requirement: yum í ...

Perl script that via SNMP queries a Juniper router(JunOS) for BGP peer/neighbor status. Triggers CRITICAL alarm if peer is not in established state and is enabled.



BGP IPv6 neighbor check for Juniper MX platform.



check_lacp This script will check the status of lacp link, based on speed of the connection.