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Nagios Logback Appender


Nagios Logback appender allows developer to send logs messages on logback framework to nagios via nsca web.


Nagios Looking Glass


Nagios Looking Glass (NLG) is a web-based interface for Nagios that allows you to show at-a-glance, real-time server status to 3rd parties without giving them direct access to Nagios.

/Category:Web Interfaces

Nagios Manual In Spanish


This is a Nagios Manual in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish, so I haven't read it, but I hope it is going to be useful to many people. I would appreciate your feedback!


Nagios Mass Acknowledge and Mass Downtime Scheduler


Script to help with the acknowledging of multiple alerts. When running in a large environment, and during a large maintenance, alerts can flood the user and even with the use aid of servicegroups and hostgroups the alerts can overwhelm the user. The ...


Nagios Memory Plugin


Nagios Memory Plugin This is a nagios plugin and supporting pnp4nagios templates to monitor/graph memory usage.


Nagios Monitor Google Gadget


Nagios Monitor Google Gadget A Google Gadget that allows you to see status information from your Nagios instance.

/Category:Web Interfaces

Nagios Monitoring MySQL


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor MySQL with Nagios.

Nagios Monitoring of EMC Equipment

This project provides techniques and solutions to use the nsca add-on to monitor an EMC storage system. The specific case includes CLARiiON CX-340 and CX4-240C SANs, Celerra NS40 NAS gateway, and RecoverPoint v3.2 appliances. With minor adjustments, the t ...


Nagios Monitoring of VMware ESX servers

This project provides techniques and solutions to use the nsca add-on to monitor a wide-area, multi-host ESX environment from a central location. Monitored resources include CPU load, memory and filesystem utilization, and VM operating states. Monitoring ...


Nagios Monitoring Performance


This article gives you some helpful hints on how to expand and improve your nagios monitoring system.

Nagios Monitoring Video By Madhatt


Nagios Monitoring Video By Madhatt A short demonstration of Nagios Monitoring software and using Filemaker 9 to produce some config files for it.


Nagios Neat

A purely CSS/styesheet-based theme for Nagios 3.x

/Category:Themes and Skins

Nagios neo4j Cluster


nagios plugin for checking neo4j graph database cluster health.


Nagios Network Analyzer - Authenticating and Importing ...


This document describes how to integrate Nagios Network Analyzer with Active Directory (AD) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to allow user authentication and validation with an AD or LDAP infrastructure through the Nagios Network Analyzer i ...

Nagios Network Analyzer - Conversion for VirtualBox


This document is intended to explain how to convert the VMware OVA virtual machine image of Nagios Network Analyzer to VirtualBox. This document is intended for use by Nagios Network Analyzer customers who wish to run Nagios Network Analyzer within Virtu ...

Nagios Network Analyzer - Using SSL/TLS with Active Dir...


This document describes how to install the required certificate on Nagios Network Analyzer for use with LDAP or Active Directory (AD) Integration in Nagios Network Analyzer. This process is required if your LDAP / AD server has a self signed certificate. ...

Nagios Network Analyzer Online Demo


Nagios Network Analyzer Online Demo An online demo of Nagios Network Analyzer. The demo allows you to test setting up views, queries and general usability for Nagios Network Analyzer.


Nagios Network Analyzer – How To Configure SSL


This document will describe how to setup Nagios Network Analyzer to use SSL to provide encrypted connections to a Nagios Network Analyzer Server. This document is also to be used as an initial point for troubleshooting SSL connections. This document is ...

Nagios Network Analyzer – Managing Users


This document describes how to add or modify Nagios Network Analyzer user accounts. This document is intended for use by Nagios Network Analyzer Administrators who need to create or modify users.

Nagios Network Analyzer – Manual Installation Instruc...


This document is intended to outline the steps required to manually install Nagios Network Analyzer, along with its prerequisites from source. This document is intended for use by Administrators who wish to install Nagios Network Analyzer on physical s ...

Nagios Network Analyzer – Upgrade Instructions


This document describes how to upgrade an existing Nagios Network Analyzer installation with the latest updates and patches. This document is intended for use by Nagios Network Analyzer Administrators, Nagios Authorized Resellers, and implementation pa ...

Nagios notify-by-campfire Plugin


In this article you can read about a community-distributed Nagios notify-by-campfire plugin.



This tutorial shows how to monitor LSI MegaRAID controller and raid array status on a remote linux server.

Nagios NRPE Monitor Yum Updates


Fabio Milano demonstrates how to monitor Yum updates on a remote linux server with Nagios.

Nagios NRPE to Monitor Remote Linux Server


This tutorial will show you how to monitor a remote Linux server with NRPE and Nagios.

Nagios Object Inheritance


This short article will give you an example of a Nagios Object Inheritance.

nagios on xampp


Project to use xampp project as a webserver an simple for install the program


Nagios OTRS Integration

Scripts to send emails to OTRS in the case of new errors or recoveries in Nagios.


Nagios Passive Agent (NPA)


Nagios passive agent is a cross platform monitoring agent for the popular Nagios monitoring tool. It aims to fill in some of the gaps not filled by other methods of running checks on monitored servers, most notably where the checks are running on a remo ...

/Category:Passive Checks

Nagios Plugin Collection


This is a collection of various check scripts for the nagios monitoring system. At the moment most of the scripts are checks for the Windows operation systems. Scripts for other platforms are planed and will be added shortly.

Nagios Plugin Collection


This is a community-distributed Nagios plugin collection.

Nagios plugin for Alfresco


This package contains a Nagios Java plugin to check via JMX values to Alfresco Enterprise 3.2 and above. Contains more than 15 checks. It supports performance data to graph results of checks with pnp4nagios. More information: http://blyx.com


Nagios plugin for checking various parameters on a Free...

check_freeswitch_health.pl is a plugin for Nagios that checks various health parameters on a FreeSWITCH server. It takes advantage of the fs_cli FreeSWITCH command-line tool. It may be extended to check practically anything that fs_cli can check.


Nagios Plugin For Monitoring Database Servers (Python r...


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor database servers via ODBC queries in Nagios.

Nagios plugin for monitoring Unity system


Nagios plugin for monitoring Unity system nagios-unity is built on top of storops, which interacts with Unity storage via RESTful API. nagios-unity provides an easy-to-use command line interface for invocation of nagios servers. nagios-unity follows th ...

/Category:SAN and NAS

Nagios Plugin OverHTTP 0.15


This is another plugin developed by the Nagios Community. OverHTTP is a Nagios plugin that provides a way to check services remotely over the HTTP protocol.


Nagios plugin return code matches

This condition can be added into Nagios Reactor to compare the nagios plugin's return code to a specified return output (OK, WARNING, CRITICAL, or UNKNOWN). Install/update condition through Administration -> Conditions


Nagios Plugin Siebel Remote


This plug-in monitors if the Siebel Remote transactions pending to be routed to Siebel Clients number is lower or higher than the thresholds defined by command line options: depending on the values recovered, the output generated to Nagios will take care ...


Nagios Plugin that enables Nagios to check L2P Devices ...


Nagios Plugin that enables Nagios to check L2P Devices from G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH (e.g. OPUS20) This plugin enables nagios to check l2p devices, e.g. opus20 devices. it's written in bash and uses the l2p script collection l2p is the "lufft logger protocol" developed by G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH in Germany (www.lufft.com), a producer of cl ...


Nagios Plugin To Check A Subversion Working Copy For Mo...


This article demonstrates how to use the community-distributed Nagios plugin “check_svnstatus” to check a working copy of subversion for modifications.

Nagios Plugin To Check an OCSP Server


This is a nagios plugin to check an OCSP server. It does so by having either a PEM encoded certificate in the code, and the PEM encoded certificate of the issuer in the code, or by using two given PEM files.

Nagios Plugin To Check CRL Expiry In Hours


This is a nagios plugin which you can use to check if a CRL (Certificate Revocation List, public list with revoked certificates) is still valid.

NAGIOS plugin to monitor VDR femon plugin SNRA (in germ...


A NAGIOS plugin that grabs the SNRA (Signal-Noise-Ratio) value as supplied by the VDR femon plugin. Though the article is in german, the code is commented in english and should be adaptable for any NAGIOS/VDR installation.

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