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Nagios Conference 2012 - Marcel Hecko - Importance of v...


Marcel Hecko's presentation on using Nagios and the importance of visual representation of monitoring data.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Mike Weber - 10 Quick Steps To...


Mike Weber's presentation on using Nagios and preventing disasters in your configuration.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Sheeri Cabral - Alerting With ...


Sheeri Cabral's presentation on using Nagios plugin to generate dynamic values for MySQL Alerts.

Nagios Config


Nagios Config Nagios Config is a PHP-based web front-end for configuring Nagios.


Nagios Contacts Management


This article, using 4 simple steps, explains how to setup contact definitions in Nagios, and who will get a notification when a host or service has any issues.

Nagios Core & Nagios Plugin install guide for Linux (RH...

This document provides the steps for building and installing Nagios Core and Plugin on Linux on POWER platform (RHEL 7.1 LE).


Nagios Core - Installing on Centos 7


This document describes how to install Nagios Core 4.1.1 and Nagios Plugins 2.1.1 on Centos 7 minimal. This document is intended for use by anyone who wishes to install Nagios Core on a Centos 7 minimal machine.

Nagios Core 32bit Windows Installer


Nagios Core 32bit Windows Installer It's time to bring the power of Nagios to Windows. With this Native Windows Installer anyone can setup a usable and effective Nagios installation on 32bit Windows. NOTE: This installer is BETA and has been known to cause Windows to reboot on some mach ...


Nagios Core 4.x Setup for CentOS 7.x


Nagios Core 4.x Setup for CentOS 7.x Nagios Core 4.x for CentOS (Red Hat, ScientificOS, Oracle Linux) v7.x setup while keeping your system running in SELinux Enforcing Mode.

Nagios Core Automatic Full Installation


Nagios Core Automatic Full Installation Script para instalação automatizada do Nagios Core 4.4.6 e do Nagios Plugins no Centos7. A friendly Script to maximize the installation of Nagios Core and Plugins in CENTOS 7


Nagios Core Dark Theme only CSS


Nagios Core Dark Theme only CSS Nagios dark theme only small edition of CSS core files.

/Category:Themes and Skins

Nagios core installation guide for RED HAT and CentOS S...


Hi dear friends, I've written a simple guide to install nagios core (latest stable release 3.4.1 and 4.x) which contain also a section to help to solve the most common problems such as: - Forbidden you don't have permission to access /nagios/ on this ...

Nagios Core Log Filter


This filter takes the Nagios Core log data and stores it into many fields This filter works with Nagios XI as it uses Nagios Core in the backend To create the filter in Nagios Log Server navigate to Administration > Global Configuration > Filterss > Add ...


Nagios Core Mass Functions

Nagios Core Mass Functions The Mass Functions CGIs were created to solve issues in large environments where functions couldn't be done en masse. This package has functions to acknowledge, unacknowledge, schedule downtime, remove scheduled downtime, and submit passive checks to ser ...


Nagios Core Online Demo


Nagios Core Online Demo An online demo of Nagios Core.

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