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Nagios - Hosts


Nagios - Hosts Break down of host states This dashboard relies on the Nagios Core input filter


Nagios - Notifications


Nagios - Notifications Break down of Nagios Notifications This dashboard relies on the Nagios Core input filter


Nagios - Ports and Protocols


This document is intended to provide Nagios Network Admins with the ports they need.

Nagios - Services


Nagios - Services Break down of Service states This dashboard relies on the Nagios Core input filter


Nagios - Stats


Nagios - Stats Statistical information about Nagios This dashboard relies on the Nagios Core input filter


Nagios - Writing a Custom Worker


This document describes the high-level steps for writing a custom Nagios Core 4 worker. Nagios Core workers are a new concept to Nagios Core 4 and there may be a situation when you would want to write a worker to preform a specialized tasks. This docum ...

Nagios 3.2.0 Coredumps When Started Via SMF On Solaris ...


This article will show you why Nagios crashes if it is run via SMF on Solaris 10 and how to avoid it.

Nagios 4 Dark Theme


Nagios 4 Dark Theme A simple dark theme for nagios core 4.x using stylesheets and an updated index.php with iframes

/Category:Themes and Skins

Nagios 4 iPhone

Nagios 4 iPhone Nagios for iPhone is an interface to collect and display Nagios data from several servers on iPhone.

Nagios Addon - pnp4nagios


The author of this article talks about installing the pnp4nagios addon in Nagios.

Nagios Agent Installation

This script will add a remote nagios agent ( centos/rhel/ubuntu/debian/fedora) autometically with basic checks.

Nagios Alert check_mailfromd Bash Script


This short tutorial will show you how to monitor mailfromd service in Nagios. Create check_mailfromd file. Simply copy the script from the blog and paste it into check_mailfromd empty file. Note: This is just an small example.

Nagios Alert Emailer

A direct replacement for the basic nagios email command. This perl script will take standard Nagios commandline parameters and send an email to a configured email server, recipient and address.


Nagios Alerts via gmail and python

A simple replacement for the standard Nagios email command. It consists of a Python script to send Nagios Alert Notifications (email) with Gmail using TLS.


Nagios Alerts Via Twitter


In this blog article you will learn how to send Nagios alerts over Twitter.

Nagios and Braintower SMS Gateway

Nagios and Braintower SMS Gateway Can I connect my Braintower SMS Gateway to Nagios? Of course you can use your Braintower SMS Gateway to send alarms from Nagios via SMS.

Nagios and iPhone Push Notifications


This article will demonstrate how to set up notifications in Nagios, so you can get them instantly on your iPhone.

Nagios and NConf on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx


This tutorial demonstrates how to setup Nagios and NConf on Ubuntu 10.04.

Nagios and Raspberry PI


A small tutorial on how to install and run Raspberry PI and Nagios on Debian “squeeze” 6

Nagios and SEC - A Happy Reunion

Nagios and SEC - A Happy Reunion John Rouillard presents Nagios and SEC to BBLISA


Nagios And SMS Notifications With Gammu And Siemens MC3...


This blog article will show you how to set SMS notifications with Gammy and Siemens MC35i in Nagios.

Nagios at Funet


Learn how Nagios is used at Funet (Finnish University and Research Network).

Nagios Auto Installation Script

Nagios Auto Installation Script This Shell Script Installs Nagios 3.3.1 & Nagios 3.2.3 including Nagios Plugin 1.4.15.This Shell Script is tested on Redhat,Cent-os,Fedora & Ubuntu. This shell script supports Nagios Download from website & installation, if you have already downloaded ...


Nagios Availability Reports to pdf


Nagios Availability Reports to pdf Nagios Availability Reports to pdf via wkhtmltopdf and crontab


Nagios BPI Dashlet For Nagios Fusion


Nagios BPI Dashlet For Nagios Fusion Nagios Fusion dashlet for Nagios BPI groups. This dashlet shows a summary of all BPI groups on child Nagios XI servers. See requirements below. REQUIREMENTS: ============= - Nagios XI + Nagios BPI 2.x on child servers - Nagios Fusion 2012r1.1 or lat ...


Nagios Bulb


Nagios Bulb Very simple and cheap visual Nagios notification method. Use Nagios livestatus and RGB led bulb with IR remote. All details on https://habrahabr.ru/post/353280/ (on russian)


Nagios Bulk Import (nbi.pl)

This perl script will take a nmap "grepable" file (-oG) and generate a host.cfg file. I included the hostgroup.cfg, command.cfg, servicegroups.cfg and service.cfg. Feel free to add ports and/or os types


Nagios Business Process AddOns


The Add-On Business Process View takes results of the single nagios checks out of NDO and builds up aggregated states for a whole application (with multiple components). The Add-On Business Impact Analysis allows You to simulate Outages.


Nagios Business Process Intelligence (BPI)


Nagios Business Process Intelligence (BPI) Nagios Business Process Intelligence is an advanced grouping tool that allows you to set more complex dependencies to determine groups states. Nagios BPI provides an interface to effectively view the 'real' state of the network. Rules for group states c ...


Nagios Business Process Intelligence (BPI) Wizard


Nagios Business Process Intelligence (BPI) Wizard This wizard allows you to monitor the status of your Nagios BPI groups.

Nagios Central add hosts (nsca)

Automatic add nagios remote hosts / services per host from Nagios distributed server on central server.


Nagios Check Plugin For Google App Dashboard


In this article, you can read about a Nagios check plugin for the Google Apps Status Dashboard.

Nagios Check Plugin for Rsnapshot Backups


This blog article demonstrates how to monitor rsnapshot backups with Nagios.

Nagios Check Scripts


In this blog article you will find a community-distributed Nagios check scripts.

Nagios Check Scripts - Watchguard


Check_wgauth.php is a community-distributed plugin, that attempts a connection to a Watchguard Authentication service on port 4100 and returns its status.

Nagios check to recursively scan via SNMP on HP BladeSy...

In addition to other Nagios checks this script access the "root" OID of the fan and power supplies and iterates for values. In this way, within on Nagios check all values of the installed fans can be retrieved and the worst status determines the overall ...

/Category:HP (Compaq)

Nagios Check Utils


Nagios Check Utils is a group of utils written in c for maximum performance. New updates of utils on http://ftp.sherkhan.net/nagios_check_utils


Nagios Check: Multiple HTTP Port Check


This is a community-distributed multiple HTTP port check plugin.


Nagios Checker


The Firefox browser statusbar indicator of the events from Nagios.


Nagios check_dns / check_ip Example


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor an IP address / DNS entry with Nagios.

Nagios check_http


This short "how to" demonstrates how to use the check_http on redirects in Nagios.

Nagios check_sa.pl


Nagios plugin that uses sadf from sysstat package to check counters.


Nagios check_snmp INVERTER


This tutorial shows you how to use the check_snmp_inverter plugin with Nagios.

Nagios Client - Status Monitor

Nagios Client - Status Monitor Easy to use Nagios status monitoring app. Dashboard has count of Host Up, Down, Service Ok, Warning, Critical, Pending and Unknown.


Nagios Commercialization and Project Updates


Nagios Commercialization and Project Updates Ethan Galstad talks about Nagios commercialization and gives some updates on the future of the project at the Nordic Nagios Meet 2009.


Nagios Comparison To Centreon


Nagios Comparison To Centreon See how Nagios compares to Centreon and beats it on features, capabilities, cost, ROI, and TCO. Save tens of thousands per year and obtain greater results by using Nagios!


Nagios Comparison To Groundwork


Nagios Comparison To Groundwork See how Nagios compares to Groundwork and beats it on features, capabilities, cost, ROI, and TCO. Save tens of thousands per year and obtain greater results by using Nagios!

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