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Automatically locate and define hosts on your network. Optionally inherit a set of windows services, and define the hosts to accept passive checks for distributed monitoring.




NagIncidents NagIncidents is a Webfrontend for Nagios, written in PHP Version 5.1.6 which shows all incidents of hosts and services in a glance.

/Category:Web Interfaces



Nagios Descripción basica de su configuración para un proyecto en la Universidad Galileo




Nagios Slides from Shohei Azuma's talk on CSU East Bay LUG




NAGIOS (VOIP) Estudiantes de la carrera de LIATE Universidad Galileo.


Nagios - An Introduction


Nagios - An Introduction Nagios presentation from the Asian Institute of Technology: intERLab


Nagios - An Introduction to Network Management


Nagios - An Introduction to Network Management Peter Savage gives a short talk on Nagios, the network monitoring software. He covers configuration of hosts and services, and how to use the web interface. Some very basic knowledge of networking is required.


Nagios - Writing a Custom Worker


This document describes the high-level steps for writing a custom Nagios Core 4 worker. Nagios Core workers are a new concept to Nagios Core 4 and there may be a situation when you would want to write a worker to preform a specialized tasks. This docum ...

Nagios 3.2.0 Coredumps When Started Via SMF On Solaris ...


This article will show you why Nagios crashes if it is run via SMF on Solaris 10 and how to avoid it.

Nagios 4 iPhone

Nagios 4 iPhone Nagios for iPhone is an interface to collect and display Nagios data from several servers on iPhone.

Nagios Addon - pnp4nagios


The author of this article talks about installing the pnp4nagios addon in Nagios.

Nagios Agent Installation

This script will add a remote nagios agent ( centos/rhel/ubuntu/debian/fedora) autometically with basic checks.

Nagios Alert check_mailfromd Bash Script


This short tutorial will show you how to monitor mailfromd service in Nagios. Create check_mailfromd file. Simply copy the script from the blog and paste it into check_mailfromd empty file. Note: This is just an small example.

Nagios Alert Emailer

A direct replacement for the basic nagios email command. This perl script will take standard Nagios commandline parameters and send an email to a configured email server, recipient and address.


Nagios Alerts via gmail and python

A simple replacement for the standard Nagios email command. It consists of a Python script to send Nagios Alert Notifications (email) with Gmail using TLS.


Nagios Alerts Via Twitter


In this blog article you will learn how to send Nagios alerts over Twitter.

Nagios and iPhone Push Notifications


This article will demonstrate how to set up notifications in Nagios, so you can get them instantly on your iPhone.

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