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Category: Themes and Skins

Various themes and skins that can be applied to Nagios.

Nagios XI

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Category Listings:
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Arana Theme HD 1.1

Arana Theme HD 1.1 This is my own theme for Nagios 3.x based on the theme Arana. I modified font sizes, symbols, colors and layers. The theme is optimized for 1920x1200.


Nagios 4 Dark Theme

Nagios 4 Dark Theme A simple dark theme for nagios core 4.x using stylesheets and an updated index.php with iframes


Nagios Core Dark Theme only CSS

Nagios Core Dark Theme only CSS Nagios dark theme only small edition of CSS core files.

Nagios Neat

A purely CSS/styesheet-based theme for Nagios 3.x

Nuvola Style

Nuvola Style Nuvola Style is a complete Nagios theme/style (including menu, icons, stylesheets, and images) for Nagios 2.x and Nagios 3.x

Nuvola Style for Nagios 1.x

Modified version of Nuvola Style to work with Nagios 1.x. Test to work with Nagios 1.3.

Wood Floor Dark

Wood Floor Dark Wood Floor Dark is a Nagios 3 theme, based on Arana. Replace Nagios 'htdocs' directory with woodfloor_dark.