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Nagios OTRS Integration

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nagios+otrs.tgzThe scripts
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Scripts to send emails to OTRS in the case of new errors or recoveries in Nagios.
Open Tickets from Nagios: send an email via (host_)notify_otrs.sh if an error is acknowledged to open a new ticket. The scripts are notifications command to send notifications to the (Nagios) user otrs.

Close Tickets from Nagios: send an email via (host_)otrs_event_ok.sh if host or service recovers from error state. The close scripts are eventhandlers.

On OTRS you will need to install the SystemMonitoring extension (available for OTRS versions>= 2.2)

Reviews (1)
bypathana, September 5, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
can anyone tell me how to integrate the otrs and nagios,how to use the above files while integration.please provide a doc or link for integration.