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Category: Reporting

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Check any zombie processes over machine

Check any zombie processes over machine A shell script that checks chrome zombie processes (which exists over 30 minutes) within machines process list - including docker! Recieves arguments: $1 = process name to check $2 = Warning level $3= Critical level

check dwd unwetterwarnung

This plugins checks for weather warnings in germany with calling DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst) for a specific region (you have to look at DWD for your region)


Check Errpt w. configuration file

This script is a modification of a similar one on this site. However, it includes the ability to ignore specific entries in the error report. This is very useful if you know of a problem but don't want to be bothered by it (i.e. developers cause core dump ...

Check Unix Process


This Unix perl script checks if a process is running and its CPU, Memory, RSS or VSZ (or all of the above) if selects processes and their children and aggregates the data. It can find the process by name, arguments or by reading a .pid file. The script su ...




Checks a given path for an amount of files and returns warning/critical including performance data Also supports include/exclude filelists and multiline output




This will total up fles on specific directory paths that match a certain wildcard pattern e.g. how many pdf files are in a particular area. Can be used as a test that various housekeeping functions are not letting e.g. log files build up. This has the ...


Linux Check Service

Nagios plugin to check if a service is running. It uses systemd. Simple, and one function only.


Network Queue


This check allows you to check for packet processing queues on TCP and UDP on unix based operation systems. It was developed and tested on RHEL/CentOS, but should be easily modifiable to be usable everywhere. UPDATED: Thanks to Hugo van der Kooij for p ...


Report of printing month by month

This script allows to have reports of impression of pages printed month by month. This script generates reports in the format txt and sending the whole with samba on a division(sharing) Windows. It is then enough to work these files with Excel.