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Category: Lenovo

Nagios plugins to monitoring Lenovo server hardware.

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check LENOVO enterprise flex chassis

script monitor the LENOVO enterprise flex chassis and IBM flex chassis following parameter are supported: powermodules,system-health,temperature,chassis-status,bladehealth,blowers,switchmodules,coolingzones SNMPv3 all security level supported (removed ...


Check Lenovo SMM (System Management Module)

This is a Nagios plugin (python script) that monitors Lenovo SMM (System Management Module) through IPMI protocol. This Lenovo Nagios plugin can collect hardware informations of the following components: voltage, cooling, psu, nodes, power and psu_fan.


check_ lenovo xcc bash

bash script to monitor LENOVO server with XCC


check_lenovo ThinkSystem

This is a Nagios plugin (python script) that monitors Lenovo ThinkSystem through SNMPv3 protocol. This Lenovo Nagios SNMP plugin can collect hardware health status of the following components: System health, Power Supply, Temperature, Fans (Cooling Device ...


Discover Lenovo ThinkSystem

This is a Nagios plugin that provides the capabilities to discover Lenovo ThinkSystem through SNMPv3 protocol.



This is a Nagios plugin that retrieves health status from Lenovo ThinkSystem. It provides complete hardware-level visibility including detailed inventory, health status (both overall and component-level health status) for supported devices. It also has th ...