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Category: Linksys

Nagios plugins for monitoring Linksys network gear.

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check for routers running DD-WRT or Tomato firmware

check_linksys - plugin for checking Linksys networking ... checks Linksys networking hardware via SNMP. It counts ethernet interfaces and reports how many of them are up or down. Also shows the system description and uptime if you want. There's a spec file in the archive if you want to build an R ...


Can check various settings/performance values on a Linksys WGT624 router. Capable of using the Linksys firmware and also DDWRT firmware (from

Linksys WRT-54 GL / DD-WRT SNMP Check

Check CPU and RAM Usage on a Linksys WRT-54 GL running open-source firmware dd-wrt. tested versions: V2.3 SP1, V2.4, V2.4 SP1 note: you have to activate snmp on your dd-wrt !