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Category: Lotus Domino

Nagios plugins to monitor Lotus Domino.

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check_domino 01/05/2015 *** check_domino_console added *** Java Nagios plug-ins that can access Domino servers using DIIOP/Corba and can perform various checks such as checking statistics, view document count, age of documents in a view, database size and send/pars ...

Fixed a problem of comparison caused by the transition to a new version of PERL


It was bothering me that there are checks out there for lotus/domino memory usage based on bytes used/free, but none that ask poor old domino how it feels about the matter.


Checks the status of a notes server through SNMP. Editor's Note: This plugin seems to have disappeared. Anyone have a copy they can upload?

Domino Task

Domino Task Check domino tasks through SNMP Protocol