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Compatible With
  • Nagios 1.x
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
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Simple script to monitor Vmware center VCSA 6.5 (sorry no actual support for 6.0) health status via REST API (https)

monitor all health status referenced here :
Script is called with IP or fqdn of VCSA as argument
argument is only used to be able to call multiple config file for multiple vcenter configuration

config file is supplied as example : contains 3 VAR
PASSWORD="my password"

All (8/8) VCSA health checks are green : applmgmt (green),database-storage (green),load (green),mem (green),software-packages (green),storage (green),swap (green),system (green),

One or more health checks are not green (5/8) : applmgmt (green),database-storage (yellow),load (green),mem (green),software-packages (green),storage (yellow),swap (green),system (yellow), Please visit https://fqdn-or-ip-of-vcsa:5480/
Reviews (6)
It works perfectly with 6.7!
byladinek, September 25, 2019
I found solution for VCSA 6.7. It is described in VMWare KB article, where is stated, that problem is solved in 6.5u2 - this is not true, in VCSA 6.7 latest patch (Spe/2019) there is still old version of the script. More about solution here:
Very nice plugin, but unfortunately does not work in VCSA 6.7.
Output: One or more health checks are not green (1/8) : applmgmt (green),database-storage (n/a),load (n/a),mem (n/a),software-packages (n/a),storage (n/a),swap (n/a),system (n/a), Please visit https://......
If I try to run "https: // {server} / rest / appliance / health / mem" directly, the output is "default_message: "This method requires authentication.", but that is strange because the script authenticates.
All around good stuff!
The authentication example can be easily ported to any code flavor of preference allowing you to extend the collection and evaluation of information presented via the VMWare API.
Hello, I try to use your plugin in a FAN version of NAGIOS (core 3.4.4). But when trying to execute your script I have the followinf errors:
ImportError: No module named json
Unable to login to VCSA API, please check credentials and firewall.

Is my problem due that JSON is missing in FAN, if so is it possible to install that module or not, or do I have to install a new version of NAGIOS with JSON embeded ?

Thanks for the answer.
byatilaloise, January 11, 2018
Im new on nagios monitoring, so, after everything works, what is the next step for graphic monitoring? How can we make nagios show separated field for each item alerted by your script?

congrats from Brazil!