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VMware Virtualization Wizard

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios XI
VMware Virtualization Wizard - Installation Instructions.pdfInstallation Instructions
VMware Virtualization Wizard
The VMware Virtualization Wizard monitors your VMware virtual environment by offloading the VMware checks to a vSphere Management Assistance (vMA) appliance.

This is achieved by utilizing the plugin box293_check_vmware, it has been written specifically for use on the vMA.

This wizard requires the VMware vMA Settings Manager component to be installed and configured.

Instructions for installing and configuring the VMware vMA Settings Manager are included with the VMware Virtualization Wizard technical documentation.
Reviews (2)
bytransom324, April 5, 2016
This wizard gives us the deep visibility into our vCenter environment that allows us to tweak the little things before they become big problems. This is huge for us. Well done, Troy!
bynist, July 13, 2015
The plugin does what we need plain and smoothly, in a highly virtualized environment is a must have. Works excellently even with nagios core.

P.S. And the support is great, Troy is a very helpful and kind person. Thank you again for your pair of eyes :)