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VMWare ESX guest status checks

2 votes
check_snmp_vmware_cpuChecks the CPU usage on a VMware ESX host
check_snmp_vmware_gueststatusChecks the power and OS status of guest VMs
check_snmp_vmware_memoryReports the network throughput on a specified VMware interface
check_snmp_vmware_netioChecks whether or not the ESX VM Kernel is loaded
check_snmp_vmware_vmkernelUnknown Tag: 'FileDesc5'
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Check some aspects of VMWare ESX guests (cpu, memorry, netio, kernel and status)
These plugins were developed by Altinity as part of Opsview software ( Plugin development was sponsored by GotVMail (

These checks are written in perl and use snmp (via perl Net::SNMP module) to query the VMWare ESX server for different aspects of the guest OS's.
Reviews (2)
This script is buggy. I have 9 virtual machines on my hosts and the 9th as the SNMP index 416 in the table.
The code to get the id of a machine makes the assumption that there are a 1:1 relation between the number of machines and the SNMP index.
This is the same bug present in check_snmp_cisco_ifstatus.

As stated above try this script instead:

Beware that with ESX 4.0 you have to explicitly activate the OID and if you have already Net-SNMP running your task is to make the two SNMP agents coexist.
bycorshamjim, May 12, 2010
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I found these plugins very easy to use thank you. Some reliability problems with a couple of them though. I have found more recent versions are available at which so far seem to be better.