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Veeam Backup Repositories space usage check

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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
Check-VBRRepositories.ps1Check script (PowerShell)

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Veeam Backup Repositories space usage check

A simple check that queries the Veeam Backup and Replication engine for all repositories, including ScaleOut repositories, and outputs their total space and utilization percentage in Nagios friendly format.
This check script is written in Windows PowerShell and needs the VeeamPSSnapin which is installed by default on a Veeam Backup and Replication server. The check script is run on the Veeam Backup and Replication server.

To run PowerShell scripts remotely on a Windows Veeam server from your Linux Nagios monitoring server, you can use the "winexe" remote command executer that enables you to run anything remote on a Windows server. Please see the home page for winexe at https://tools.kali.org/maintaining-access/winexe

The script has limited error handling.
Output includes short summary, Nagios performance data and a long multiline output.
Typical output would look like this:

OK - All repositories within limits|'CONAS04.xx.com used'=1503GB;;;0;144808 'CONAS04.xx.com utilization'=1%;95;99;0;100 'CONAS02.xx.com used'=14980GB;;;0;16210 'CONAS02.xx.com utilization'=92%;95;99;0;100 'QNAP Backup repo used'=0GB;;;0;14336 'QNAP Backup repo utilization'=0%;95;99;0;100 'SAN Backup repo used'=478GB;;;0;4096 'SAN Backup repo utilization'=12%;95;99;0;100 'COVBR01.xx.com E: used'=52GB;;;0;198 'COVBR01.xx.com E: utilization'=26%;95;99;0;100 'Default Backup Repository used'=68GB;;;0;80 'Default Backup Repository utilization'=86%;95;99;0;100
CONAS04.xx.com Free space 143305GB of 144808GB ( 1% utilized)
CONAS02.xx.com Free space 1230GB of 16210GB ( 92% utilized)
QNAP Backup repo Free space 14336GB of 14336GB ( 0% utilized)
SAN Backup repo Free space 3618GB of 4096GB ( 12% utilized)
COVBR01.xx.com E: Free space 146GB of 198GB ( 26% utilized)
Default Backup Repository Free space 12GB of 80GB ( 86% utilized)
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$warningPercent = 95
$criticalPercent = 99