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Category: Others

Nagios plugins for monitoring other types of backup software, for which there is no specific category yet.

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Category Listings:
There are 18 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

Arkeia backup status

Checks the Arkeia backup last results for savepack indicated. Use check_arkeia SavePackName Script will retrieve the lastbackup status for this savepack. Please note, *nix names are case sensitive. I.e. SavePack and savePack are two different names.



This is a script for backing up Siemens Scalamce switches. The script logs in and connects with SSH to the switch, then copies the current configuration to a TFTP server.



Check age and status of last backup with Mac OS X' builtin Time Machine backup.


check_backup (for any backup system)

The check_backup plugin is designed to provide a generic way to check the status of backup processes by reading the contents of a file your scripts will leave either locally to the Nagios server, or on a remotely accessible host through ssh. The file i ...



This is a plugin to get Synology NAS backup job status information. It works under DSM5 and DSM6. The Python script must be run on the NAS through NRPE.



This Python Nagios plugin checks for any failed VM backups on SimpliVity Omnicubes. There's also a second mode in this plugin to check if all VMs have assigned backup policies.



This is a Nagios Plugin destined to check the last status and last run of Veeam Backup & Replication job passed as an argument.



This is a Nagios Plugin that checks the last status of last run of all veeam jobs, not including Replication (BackupSync) jobs (which is a continues jobs that for behaving differently). - Powershell needs to be installed on the Nagios box. - NSClient++ ...



NRPE check Ahsay backup status Summary: This is a plugin (backup_ahsay_checker) that monitors ahsay backup sets .



This is a plugin (backup_plesk_checker) that monitors backup status in Plesk panel - Success/Warning/Error/Date checker/Quantity of domains that backuped.


Robocopy logfile check

Checks the state of a regular robocopy copy job by scanning the logfile.

Syncsort back-up checks

How to receive passice checks from a Syncsort back-up server and display them into Nagios as service check.

Veaam Backup Check

This script checks the Veeam backup log files on a NSClient++ host.

Veeam Daily Backup Check

PS script that checks your daily veeam backup jobs


Veeam License Expiration

This plugin uses Powershell to monitor the expiration date of Veeam Backup & Replication license.

ViceVersa logfile check

Checks the state of a ViceVersa job by scanning the logfile.

Windows Server Backup 2008/7 Powershell Passive Check

Windows Server Backup 2008/7 Powershell Passive Check Checks Windows Server Backup 2008 log file and passively reports if the last backup was successful or not. Uses Task Scheduler, PowerShell, NSCAweb, and cURL. Nagios freshness checking can be used to change the status when the host does not passively repo ...