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Category: VPN Software

Nagios plugins for monitoring VPN software.

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Used to check whether StongSwan/OpenSwan IPSEC tunnels are up or not. Can check if a total number of tunnels are up or per tunnel name. Currently has been tested against StrongSwan 5.x. If Earlier versions of StrongSwan need to be supported let me know. ...



The pluging check_openvpn connects to the management OpenVPN server checks for actives connection and return the amount connected OpenVPN clients. it's forked from openvpn-status scripts.

check_openvpn (hoschie)

Check if a particular user is logged in depending on his **CommonName**.


Nagios plugin that can monitor OpenVPN 2.0.9 Uses sacli to get licensed connections, licence usage and checks for licence expiry. (LicUsage, VPNSummary or LICexpire) Provides performance data to enable graph generation. Written in bash, requires to be run over ssh.



This plugin verifies the state of the clients connected to a openvpn server by means of the management interface.

check_remote (ping_remote)

Monitor a tunnel to a remote location on a Windows server.

Daniel van den Oord

Racoon vpn tunnel check



This is a Nagios Plugin for monitoring L2P Devices.

Monitor an IPsec VPN tunnel on OpenBSD

This article describes how to monitor an IPSEC tunnel running on OpenBSD. I could not find any plugin already done so I created my own.


Checks an OpenVPN management server on a remote (or local) host. Written in PHP.

OpenVPN connnected users

Check for connected users via SNMPD on the OpenVPN host. No need to enable the OpenVPN management and/or introduce new checks on the Nagios server.


Checks the amount connected OpenVPN clients.