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Veeam Backup Check - Via Event Logs

6 votes
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Compatible With
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
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veeam_backup.pngExample output for a successful backup job
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Veeam Backup Check - Via Event Logs
Check_veeam_eventlogs is a PowerShell script to check if Veeam jobs ran properly. If you have the Endpoint version of Veeam, use the check_veeam_endpoint_eventlogs script instead. Note: This uses built-in Windows event logs to check for Veeam backup codes and it does *not* utilize the Veeam PowerShell snap-in because I had far too many issues on far too many systems. Yes, I also realize Veeam has the built-in capability to email, but that doesn't scale well with any significant number of machines. And if you choose to only send email on failure, what happens if email isn't working -- spam blocks, authentication failures, etc? Too many possibilities to assume email notifications are even remotely reliable and Nagios is able to consolidate all alerts to a centralized location.
The examples in the script itself were recently updated to reflect changes to the plugins API location/syntax in newer versions of NCPA.
I have tested this extensively using NCPA, although NRPE and other agents would likely work. If you have issues with it, please let me know and I will make changes as necessary. The script is heavily commented and very readable with numerous usage examples in the script itself. Enjoy!
Reviews (5)
I am attempting to get this check working with Veeam VBR 11 on Windows 2019. I have a single replication job that completed successfully in the last hour. Running the script from the shell on the Veeam server always shows::

Backup failed: backup job CoreReplication has not run in last 240 hours

Backup failed: backup job CoreReplication has not run in last 240 hours |'BackupNotRun'=1

Looking in Event Viewer, I can see Event ID 190 in the last hour, and the name matches exactly.
byPremium, June 30, 2020
What do I have to change in the NSCLIENT ++ .ini to make it work ?

Thanks a lot
bypkrauss28, August 6, 2019

i got an Error
Get-WinEvent : Falscher Parameter
In C:Program FilesNSClient++scriptscheck_veeam_endpoint_eventlogs.ps1:43 Zeichen:15
+ ... ogEntries = Get-WinEvent -MaxEvents $ArgMaxEntries -FilterHashtable $ ...

Could you fix this?
byslayder66, May 4, 2018
hello, I have 2.8.22 centreon and nsclient ++, in my nsclient.ini I have:
check_veeam_eventlogs = check_veeam_eventlogs.ps1 'Backup X3v7 4vm SRVBACKUP' 24

and the answer on centreon is:
Command line usage: check_veeam_eventlogs.ps1
Nagios NCPA usage: agent / plugin / check_veeam_eventlogs.ps1 / /

while command-line powershell directly execute on the server in question, the command:
check_veeam_eventlogs.ps1 'Backup X3v7 4vm SRVBACKUP' 24
works very well.

I feel that nsclient ++ does not approve of ' or space in my job?

thank you
byytaborda17, March 21, 2018
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I tried the plugin and it works fine, but it I try to use the seccond argument it always returns the same output "Backup failed: backup job X has not run in last 9999 hours".

How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance!
Owner's reply

I just tried it and it worked ok. Please make sure you are following the examples in the script comments. I also updated the script to reflect recent changes in the NCPA plugins syntax.