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Nagios Central add hosts (nsca)

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get_nagios_services_per_host.shget unknown nagios services from remote host
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Automatic add nagios remote hosts / services per host from Nagios distributed server on central server.
This script reads the Nagios log for unknown hosts / services per host and automatic creates the hosts in in .cfg file.

We're having a central Nagios environment to monitor customers. If they add any hosts, this script should pick the unknown hosts / services and add them to our configuration file without to check manualy or any service or hosts are addes on Nagios distributed servers.

Scripts recognizes hosts and services per host checks if they're not double in de log and add them as host definition so you just have to past them in the real configuration file (or set it strait to your real configuration file). So you have just to add any service or host to a distributed server, and the central server picks up the results.