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Category: Reporting

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check_csl - Calculates SLAs


check_csl is Nagios plug-in which calculates service availability level (SLA) depending on multiple various category checks' states. According to defined conditions, the check interprets results and returns service level - "OK", "Warning" or "Critical".

CSV Output for Nagios 2.x Availability Reports


A Patch for Nagios 2.2 avail.c, to create CSV Output for all Availability Reports. Based on the Nagios 1.2 avail.c Patch provided by Michael Medin.

Nagios Availability Reports to pdf


Nagios Availability Reports to pdf Nagios Availability Reports to pdf via wkhtmltopdf and crontab


Nagios Business Process AddOns


The Add-On Business Process View takes results of the single nagios checks out of NDO and builds up aggregated states for a whole application (with multiple components). The Add-On Business Impact Analysis allows You to simulate Outages.

Nagios Business Process Intelligence (BPI)


Nagios Business Process Intelligence (BPI) Nagios Business Process Intelligence is an advanced grouping tool that allows you to set more complex dependencies to determine groups states. Nagios BPI provides an interface to effectively view the 'real' state of the network. Rules for group states c ...

Nagios Email Reporter

This perl script can request an overnight, daily, weekly or monthly report from the Nagios server using the standard CGIs, it then parses the output (formats CSS for Web and Lotus Notes), then emails as an Inline HTML email to a supplied email address.



Perl class to filter and munge Nagios availability data.



NagioSLA is a Service Level Management/Reporting addon for Nagios.



nagiosr Nagiosr is a simple yet flexable Nagios report generator that creates plain text summaries of alerts from the command line. It uses hooks fuctions with perl regular expressions to make plugin output very terse.


ndoaudit is a BIRT report that when ran against a nagios instance's NDO, provides deep insight into notifications for hosts and services. It let's you 'Audit' your nagios instance at a high level and identify holes. Not going to be useful to everyone, but ...

Network Replay Component


Network Replay Component This component adds a network replay report to Nagios XI. The replay reports allows you to quickly visualize the changing state of your network over time. The report allows you to specify custom start and end times and supports dynamic updates via ajax, ...



Creates a PDF or HTML summary report showing the availability over the last month for a specified hostgroup's members and their services. By Steve Shipway.

Thruk Popular


Thruk Thruk is a CGI replacement which connects to multiple Nagios instances using the Livestatus addon. It is designed to be a "dropin" replacement and covers all of the original features plus additional enhancements for large installations and increased usab ...