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Nagios2JSON is a Nagios enhancement that allows you to send status of hosts and services, etc. using JSON format.




Nagios Status.dat to JSON/JSONP/Console.



nagios2lcd nagios2lcd is an lcdproc client that displays Nagios status information to an lcd display.



Nagios2sde connector is a Nagios add-on that interfaces with SDE’s Web Services in order to submit incidents into the ticketing tools.


Nagios3 On Debian External Commands


This short tutorial demonstrates how to enable external commands in Nagios on a Debian install of Nagios.



Nagios4Zarafa This nagios plugin allows you to monitor your Zarafa server by using the command zarafa-stats --system. It accepts all parameters (starting with 0x3001001E) that are listed in the output of zarafa-stats The plugin is a simple bash script and should ...


Nagios: A Framework for Hardware-based Monitoring


Nagios: A Framework for Hardware-based Monitoring Presentation given by Kevin Menard at the 2007 Netways Nagios Conference.


Nagios: Active Directory Authentication


Nagios: Active Directory Authentication This projects for Nagios allows you to authenticate users against Active Directory. And if they are member of the correct Domain Group, They will see hosts and services enabled for that group. Also, They can even use the single sign on if enabled on their ...


Nagios: Automatically Restart IIS After a CRITICAL Aler...


This tutorial will show you how to use an even handler to automatically restart IIS after a receiving a Critical alert in Nagios.

Nagios: Check WMI Plus On Ubuntu


This article explains how to install the WMI Plus plugin with Nagios on recent releases of Ubuntu.

Nagios: Checking For Abnormally Large NetApp Snapshots


This article shows you a community-distributed Nagios perl script to check for abnormally large NetApp snapshots.

Nagios: How To Enable check_nrpe Command Line Arguments


This tutorial describes how to enable the command line arguments for check_nrpe in Nagios and troubleshoot the "CHECK_NRPE: Received 0 bytes from daemon" error message.

Nagios: Implementing Auto-Complete For The Search Box


This article will demonstrate how to implement auto-complete for the search box in Nagios.

Nagios: Integrated Windows Authentification With Kerber...


Are you sick and tired of login screens? Read this article to find out how to integrate windows authentication with kerberos in Nagios.

Nagios: Monitor SSL Certificates For Expiration


This tutorial demonstrates how to monitor SSL certificates for expiration with Nagios.

Nagios: Presentation to technical staff about how to ad...


Nagios: Presentation to technical staff about how to add an object Here is a sample presentation you might want to center your discussion around in regard to Nagios 3.0. -- Mike Kniaziewicz


Nagios: Presentation you can adapt to sell the software...


Nagios: Presentation you can adapt to sell the software to upper management Recently, I had to justify the use of Nagios within an enterprise. The best way to make the sale is with a presentation. Upper management needs to see key words within a presentation in order to approve any project. They are limiting cost center growth an ...


Nagios: SAP CCMS Monitoring (Part 1)


This community-distributed tutorial will show you have to implement Nagios and SAP CCMS Monitoring (Part 1).

Nagios: SAP CCMS Monitoring (Part 2)


This community-distributed tutorial will show you have to implement Nagios and SAP CCMS Monitoring (Part 2).

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