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Nagios Windows Plugins Project

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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
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Log Management Software - Nagios Log Server - Download
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A project for Windows plugins, in similar fashion to the official Nagios Plugins Project. All of the plugins in the Nagios Plugins Project run on a Linux system (typically the Nagios server itself). These plugins will run on Windows systems, and are very much geared to monitoring Windows systems.
A plugins project specifically for Windows, similar to the Nagios Plugins Project. Right now, I've got what I think are some of the most basic plugins for monitoring a Windows system, all written in Powershell. These plugins can be executed in one of two ways:
SSH - Microsoft ported OpenSSH to Windows back in 2018, so the check_by_ssh plugin in the Nagios Plugins Project should work nicely.
WinRM - This release includes a (very) basic WinRM execution script that will live on your Nagios system. You point it to your Windows system, where the plugin lives on your Windows system, give it username/password, and what authentication mechanism you want to use. Right now only Basic is supported. :(

I've rolled up my check_windows_files.ps1 script into this project, and will also likely move the test_check.ps1 plugin here as well, and then archive the old repository.

Issues and pull requests are highly appreciated. <3