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Category: Documentation

Community-contributed and official documentation on Nagios and various Nagios addons.

Nagios Log Server

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Descripción en multiples líneas nagios

If for some reason you want more than one line to be seen in the problems displayed by nagios, you can do it in the following way: In the file: /opt/nagios-4.3.2/cgi/status.c You must change printf("%s ", (temp_status->plugin_output == NULL) ...

Integrating MNTOS With Nagios


This document describes how to install the MNTOS (“Multi-Nagios Tactical Overview System”) monitoring aggregation tool with Nagios XI or Nagios Core.

MK Livestatus

Livestatus is a tool to access the host and service status of your Nagios server

Nagios Japanese Translation (CGIs and Docs)


Japanese Translation for Nagios web interface (CGIs) and documents. Current release is for Nagios 1.x, 2.x and 3.x!

Nagios with InfluxDB, nagflux and Grafana

A short tutorial howto install InfluxDB, nagflux and Grafana.

NCPA Agent Installation Instructions

Documentation on how to install the NCPA monitoring agent on Windows and Linux machines.

Official NDOUtils Documentation

The official NDOUtils documentation.

Official NRPE Documentation

The official NRPE documentation.