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Nagios XI / JIRA Integration Component

3 votes
Compatible With
  • Nagios XI
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This is a Nagios XI / JIRA integration component.
You can read about JIRA here:


Install it as any other component in Nagios XI:

Admin->Manage Components->Browse->...->Upload Component
Reviews (2)
Excellent idea, however, in order to make this actually effective, quite a bit of code needs to be modified in order to add custom variables so that the workflow in JIRA can be more intelligent (read: actually valuable.) The only reason why I'm not using this component is the fact that not every alert is an incident. In a large environment, you could be looking at 200-300 tickets being generated a day which will overwhelm the JIRA server unless you're deleting tickets on a regular basis (or have a Cray XC40 dedicated to running your JIRA instance.)

A good way to fix this problem would be with the use of custom variables, however, that would require hand-editing every single check that you want to include. Given that XI won't properly import custom variables (current version), this is less than an ideal methodology.

Again, if you've got a small shop, this might be a really interesting component. In my environment though, I had to go another route (and will share once I get corporate approval.) :-D
I fill in the details in the component settings and select the 'JIRA Integration' I get "{"error":"Bad command."}"

Also, is there plans to support more than a single Jira project?