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Nagios XI Create Passive Object

Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios XI
  • Nagios Log Server
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* This output watches the Nagios Core log data for messages about objects that don't exist
* Error: Got host checkresult for 'centos01', but no such host can be found
* Error: Got check result for service 'New Service' on host 'centos01'. Unable to find service

* When these messages are detected, the box293_xi_api_create_passive_object.php script is executed on the Nagios Log Server, it will:
* Create a new passive Host Object on your Nagios XI server if it is a passive Host checkresult message
* Create a new passive Service Object on Nagios XI server if it is a passive Service checkresult message
* If the host object for this service does not exist then it will also be created

* The purpose of this output it to automate the creation of the passive host and service objects in Nagios XI

Detailed steps on how to implement this can be found in the following documentation: