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2012 Conference Presentations


Now you can download the slides for the 2012 conference presentations and workshops.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Dave Josephsen - 2002 called t...


Dave Josephsen's presentation on using time-series data visualizations with Nagios.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Eric Loyd - Nagios Implementat...


Eric Loyd's presentation Case Study on Nagios Implementation Case Eastman Kodak Company.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Ethan Galstad - Keynote


Ethan Galstad's Keynote presentation to kick off the conference.

Nagios Conference 2012 - John Sellens - Non-Obvious Nag...


John Sellens' presentation on using Nagios basics helping eliminate confusion.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Kishore Jalleda - Nagios in th...


Kishore Jalleda's presentation on using Nagios in a continuous development environment.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Marcel Hecko - Importance of v...


Marcel Hecko's presentation on using Nagios and the importance of visual representation of monitoring data.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Mike Weber - 10 Quick Steps To...


Mike Weber's presentation on using Nagios and preventing disasters in your configuration.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Mike Weber - Failover


Mike Weber's presentation on using Nagios and High Availability.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Nicholas Scott - Netflow Monit...


Nicholas Scott's presentation on Netflow and SNMP Trap monitoring with Nagios.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Nicolas Brousse - Optimizing y...


Nicolas Brousse's presentation on using Nagios to monitor a dynamic cloud environment.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Robert Bolton - Custom SNMP OI...


Robert Bolton presentation on creating custom SNMP OID's for use with Nagios.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Scott Wilkerson - Passive Moni...


Scott Wilkerson presentation on using Nagios to monitor remote networks (NRDS & Reflector).

Nagios Conference 2012 - Sheeri Cabral - Alerting With ...


Sheeri Cabral's presentation on using Nagios plugin to generate dynamic values for MySQL Alerts.

Nagios Conference 2012 - Todd Groten - Monitoring Call ...


Todd Groten's presentation on using Nagios in a dynamically scaling environment.