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NSJS: Nagios Java System is a Java implementation of the NSCA AddOn.

/Category:Passive Checks



nwsc enables you to check as many windows hosts through Nagios as you like without installing any software on these machines.


Remote Execution Layrer (REL), provides an alternative way to send service check results from remote hosts back to Nagios.

/Category:Passive Checks

Windows Eventlog Addon


This addon allows Nagios to monitor Windows EventLogs by querying an agent installed on the Windows machine (the agent is part of this package.) While by default every event is notified by Nagios, extensive filtering can be defined through various paramet ...



SNMP proxy server and plugin to query SNMP stats on remote machines. Designed to handle hundreds of checks per minute with minimal load.


SSH Framework for Remote Plugins


This is a framework to securely execute checks on remote machines over SSH. It can be used as a replacement for NRPE.



Reportsock is a small Perl daemon (using HTTP::Daemon) to find and report site statistics via an HTTP port. It is intended as a easy-to-read client for such monitoring servers as Nagios or Quosack. It's easy to configure and simple to use.

SSH Push Check


Like the check_by_ssh wrapper, this script uses SSH to communicate with a remote Nagios client. If the desired plugin is not available on the client, it can transfer it from the server to the clients, making rollouts much easier. The package also includes ...

OpsMgr Framework


Scripts and tools to allow the communication between MS System Center Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM 2007) and Nagios.

Another Nagios IRC bot

This is another irc bot for Nagios written in Python. It use named pipe to send alert on channel as soon as they are generated by Nagios.



Update of check_solaris_swap created by hakivima. Script analyses SWAP-Usage on Solaris Systems and returns performance data to use plugin with performance tools like PNP.




Short SNMP plugin to check that blackberry services are running. Pending mail state is also available.


Create Ticket in RT


This script will create a ticket in RT (which is essentially running on a separate server than the one that runs Nagios) when an alarm is acknowledged.


CSV Output for Nagios 2.x Availability Reports


A Patch for Nagios 2.2 avail.c, to create CSV Output for all Availability Reports. Based on the Nagios 1.2 avail.c Patch provided by Michael Medin.


Disabled host and service notification parser

I kept disabling checks and then would get caught up in something else and forgot what I disabled. I created these scripts to remind me what is disabled so I can go back, fix the problem if needed, and re-enable the notifications.

IronPort Plugin


This is a script to check RAM, CPU, QUEUE, Work Queue, and Mail Rate on Ironport Appliances.


Nagios Business Process AddOns


The Add-On Business Process View takes results of the single nagios checks out of NDO and builds up aggregated states for a whole application (with multiple components). The Add-On Business Impact Analysis allows You to simulate Outages.


Nagios Email Reporter

This perl script can request an overnight, daily, weekly or monthly report from the Nagios server using the standard CGIs, it then parses the output (formats CSS for Web and Lotus Notes), then emails as an Inline HTML email to a supplied email address.




Nagios 2 Cacti, N2Cacti, is a project derived from N2RRD. N2cacti will parse Nagios Configuration, read N2RRD configuration (modified version homemade) and will configure Cacti to create a Graph by Nagios Services.


nagstats is a Nagios addon that runs Dag Wieers' dstat tool (http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/dstat/) , then parses coma-separated output, matches warn and crit and sends the results to nagios via nsca.

/Category:Passive Checks

NSCAFE - A Forwarding Version of NSCA


The Nagios Service Check Acceptor Forwarding Engine (NSCAFE) can be used as a direct substitute for the standard NSCA addon, providing significant additional functionality useful in monitoring large installations.

/Category:Passive Checks

NSClient Updater and Installer

Update or install 32 or 64bit NSClient++ versions remote and centralized on your windows servers.


This simple dummy plugin just to check if a time server is running or not.

/Category:NTP and Time


A plugin to analyse Tablespaces and HitRatio on oracle databases.


HP Hardware Plugin Check


This plugin checks the status of objects via SNMP and returns OK, WARNING, CRITICAL or UNKNOWN. It includes a plugin and a CGI.

/Category:HP (Compaq)

check_cpu.sh (matejunkie)


sh compliant script to check CPU utilization via /proc/stat instead of top or iostat (PNP template included)

jmeter invocation plugin II

This script is a rebuild of another jmeter plugin that invokes an Apache JMeter (available from http://jakarta.apache.org/jmeter) test plan and parses the results, which are returned to Nagios per plugin API defined exit statuses and performance data.



Check Plugin which uses mpt-status to check RAID Status of LSI Logic 1030 RAID Controllers

/Category:RAID Controllers



NRPE plugin to check nCipher/nFast hardserver, nShield HSM status and inserted smartcard on RHEL and Solaris.




The RMX 2000 is a media conferencing platform from Polycom. With this script you can monitor the number of free/busy ports using Nagios.

NAGIOS plugin to monitor VDR femon plugin SNRA (in germ...


A NAGIOS plugin that grabs the SNRA (Signal-Noise-Ratio) value as supplied by the VDR femon plugin. Though the article is in german, the code is commented in english and should be adaptable for any NAGIOS/VDR installation.



Bash script to check mounted devices, passing arguments mount point OR device, and type of filesystem (useful for nfs mountpoints).

/Category:File System



A nagios check plugin for the Multitech SMSFinder. It checks the SMSFinder via HTTP and reports the GSM signal level. Also includes a script to send SMS notifications via the Multitech SMSFinder.


Check Fortigate Active Sessions

This script is used to check the session usage on a Fortigate firewall.


Check Fortigate CPU Usage

This script it used to check the CPU usage on a Fortigate firewall.


Check Fortigate Memory Usage

This script is used to check the memory usage on a Fortigate firewall.




Basic monitor that checks if the Checkpoint Firewall-1 Management software is up and running.




This is a simple Nagios Plugin which tests how many space in an LVM Volume Group is free. It`s written in bash

Box Backup Plugins


The Box Backup software is an OSS package that provides a way to securely backup data over a network connection to an (untrusted) server. These plugins lets Nagios check the state of the daemons of Box Backup. The plugins are unix-only.

/Category:Box Backup

Check plugin for Castelle net fax server

Simple shell script to monitor Castelle net fax servers via snmp (snmpget is used)


Check ZEO monitor


A python script that checks parameters of a ZEO monitor (used as a backend for Zope).


Check Zope Threads and Load


Checks the state of a Zope frontend based on the Product DeadlockDebugger to allow monitoring the number of used threads.




A nagios meta plugin based on check_multi_addr that for hosts with multiple IPs it checks that a given service responds on all interfaces. Very useful for performing easy host-alive checks for multi homed machines.




check cpu, memory, hard-disk by telnet connection



This perl script checks the percentage of cpu-time waiting for the io-system while having a task in mind with sysstat/sar

check_cpu_stats fixed

Nagios plugin (script) to check CPU Utilization Statistics (user,system,iowait,idle and nice,steal when available in %) with iostat external program reporting performance data



check_dcm is a DICOM plug in that monitors SCP Providers in a PACS environmnet. It sends out ECHO requests to PACS devices and lights up Nagios on exception.




check_smcxx_info is a Nagios plugin for monitoring information from your Siemens Handy (battery load, signal strength, handy network status).

/Category:Mobile Devices
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