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Check ZEO monitor

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check_zeomonitor.pyThe check script
demo.cfgdemo Nagios config
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A python script that checks parameters of a ZEO monitor (used as a backend for Zope).
++ Description

This check can be used to monitor the status and performance of the ZEO (Zope backend).

The package includes the check and a file with a demo configuration.

++ Usage options

-h/--help -- print this help text
-u/--url -- the URL you want to check
-p/--port -- the port where the ZEO monitor is running
-s/--storage -- the name of the storage to check
-w/--warn -- threshold for the warning state
-c/--crit -- threshold for the critical state
-a/--action -- the action command. valid values are:

* conflicts: monitors the number of conflicts, warns if ABOVE threshold
* commits: monitors the number of commits, warns if ABOVE threshold
* aborts: monitors the number of aborts, warns if ABOVE threshold
* stores2loads: monitors tha ratio of store to loads, warns id ABOVE threshold
* clients: monitors the number of clients, warns if BELOW threshold

++ References
On running a ZEO server and a ZEO monitor, see this HOWTO: