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Compaq-HP Proliant Server and Blade Checks (SNMP)


Check CPUs, fans, array controllers, logical / physical drives, temperature and power supplies on your Proliant servers or blade systems through SNMP.

/Category:HP (Compaq)

Compaq-HP Proliant Server and Blade Checks (SNMP)


Nagios check to recursively scan via SNMP on HP BladeSystem the Fan and power supplies. In addition also the overall system status is retrieved.

/Category:HP (Compaq)

Compaq-HP Proliant Server Check Plugin

Check status of hardware components using snmp

/Category:HP (Compaq)

Current Load - HP-UX performance data fix for pnp4nagio...

The plugins I have for hp-ux are not according to standards and does not produce performance data. I wrote this little script to add performance data so that I could graph with pnp4nagios.


HP Insight Manager Log Checker


HP Insight Manager Log Checker. Checks Status and last entry of the HP Insight Manager Logs from HP Servers. Tested with HP Proliant DL/ML and Blades

/Category:HP (Compaq)

HP-Compaq check health


Check plugin for HP hardware with HP's agent installed

/Category:HP (Compaq)

Megaide RAID controller


This plugin checks the status on a Megaide RAID-controller.

/Category:RAID Controllers

Monitoring HP-Procurve

Monitoring FAN,MEM,CPU,and so on for HP-Procurve with the buildin plugin check_snmp plugin


Plugins for Tru64


Plugins for tru64 version 5.1B Fuctions with NRPE version 1.9 for tru64


hpasmcli temp check

HP DL-360-G4 Servers with HPASMCLI installed on RHES4. RSH hpasmcli and run SHOW TEMP with SYSTEM BD output to Nagios.

/Category:HP (Compaq)

Check Dell PERC Array

Using Net::SNMP, this script checks the channel state, global state and disk states of a PERC RAID array on a server running Dell's OpenManage



Remotely check Dell PowerEdge Servers with OMSA installed via SNMP (no omreport involved).



A perl script that uses SNMP to monitor Global State, Logical Disk States, Physical Disk States, and Controller States for either Array Manager or Storage Manager.



This script aims to check the status of dell hardware with the Dell Open Manage agents installed and provide somewhat detailed information to assist in troubleshooting. Most of all, this tries to avoid getting really annoying alerts when the storage contr ...


Dell Array Disks Status Script

This is a bash script that checks all disk status on Dell Servers. You have to have the Dell MIBs installed in your Nagios system, relies on snmpwalk to pull the information.


Dell OpenManage Chassis


Checks the chassis hardware (fans, temperatures, voltages et al) of Dell servers using OpenManage.


Dell OpenManage Storage

Checks storage devices (disks, RAIDs, controllers) attached to Dell server systems.



Checks CPU Temp of DELL Servers with SNMP from Linux machine.



Addon for sending alerts from Dell OpenManage IT Assistant to Nagios.

/Category:Dell OpenManage

OM Python Plugin

Python Plugin to retrieve data from DELL servers Open Manager.




plugin for checking DELL raid controllers




Plugin for checking DELL raid controllers.


SNMP Polling


Check_dell_hw calls omreport (Open Manage must be install) to get status of Dell hardware.


SNMP Traps

We configured Openmanage once to send snmptraps to Nagios.


Session Border Controller (SBC) Statistics

Check for the active and initiating calls of an AudioCodes nCite SBC using SNMP.


Ascend TNT


Nagios plugin for Ascend TNT. Checks if connected users can route.



This plugin checks the digital and analog ports on an Infratec RMS system.



Script to test functionality of Slipstream http servers.


InfiniBand Performance Counters Check

The plugin check_iberr.pl checks and reports the status of InfiniBand network adapters (RcvErrors, LinkDowned, XmtDiscards, etc.). Either the performance/error counters were checked remotely via InfiniBand (very fast) or via NRPE on the specific host.


Portmaster Modems


Plugins for Postmaster modems to check if connected users can route.


MRV TS5000 rssi check

Nagios plugin for checking FSO wireless device MRV-TS-5000B (http://www.mrv.com/product/MRV-TS-5000B)


BigIP Pool and Virtual Server checks

This project features two checks for F5 BigIP Load Balancers. They runs on v4.5 (ex. BigIP 5100) and v.9 (ex. LTM 6400) hardware. check_bigip_pool checks the number of servers available. check_bigip_vs checks the availability of a Virtual Server.


Check interfaces for errors

Nagios plugin to check all or some network interfaces on a network device for errors.



This is a group a Perl scripts that use iControl from F5 to run check on the BigIP version 9.x only need to have perl and iControl 9 install on the box running the plugins



A perl script to check F5 BigIP Load Balancers via SNMP.



Checks health of rServer port group for a vServer on a Foundry load balancer.


Check_IPMI Plugin


Check IPMI Vales from the BMC on the Dell PowerEdge (or DRAC5) or other IPMI agent.


check_ipmi_sensors PERL Plugin

Check status of temperature sensors and fans with ipmi.



Check the status for mod_jk loadbalancers via XML download from status URL.




Metaplugin used to check a service avalaible trough different IP addresses. Useful for Highly Avalaible clusters using several network interfaces.



Nagios script to return network interface stats to Nagios.


Cisco 6500 and 4500 Module Check

This script monitors the Modules on both Cisco Catalyst 6500 and Catalyst 4500 switches.


Hermstedt Stingray ISDN Line Check

This Plugin monitors the ISDN Line Status of a Hermstedt Stingray box.


Networker Checks


Some checks for checking the status of Legato Networker and Jukeboxes. PERL, GPL


Check hardware 3com superstack switches


This script checks the hardware status from 3COM superstack switches.


Check redundant switch

A based Perl script that check a redundant switch available.

/Category:* Generic

cisco crc & interface reset check using bash plugin

Bash plugins for Nagios that I am using to check Cisco interface resets & crc.


check complete interface table


check_interface_table.pl is a plugin that allows you to monitor one network device (e.g. router, switch, server) without knowing each interface in detail. Only the hostname (or ip address) and the snmp community string are required.

/Category:* Generic

Check SNMP Cisco Traffic

Check Traffic Usage of an Interface on a Cisco Device

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