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Category: NTP and Time

Nagios plugins for monitoring NTP, Time, and daytime protocols.

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Category Listings:
There are 19 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

Check Windows Time Offset (check_windows_time.bat)

This plugin will check a windows system against a specified time source. Meant to be used via check_nrpe. To make installation simple it is just a .bat file that is basically a glorified nagios wrapper for w32tm. Tested on Windows 2k3/2k8/2k8r2. While ...



Checks NTP and/or PTP offset to reference. E.g.: $ ./check_chrony -w 1 -c 2 OK: Time offset of +0.000005065 seconds to reference. | offset=+0.000005065s;1;2 Documentation etc.:



This plugin checks that time on remote host is no more than specified number of seconds different than on nagios server. The time is checked using TCP or UDP using either daytime (port 13) or time (port 37) protocols.



check_ntp(chrony) check the chrony service if its running or not ,if running them it will check if the Leap status is in normal status or not.if not this means that you have to check the connectivity between your server and NTP server.if all the previous is working well,th ...



Check NTPd output for minimum number of servers, reach, and at least one selected time server.



check_ntpmon is a check for NTP servers that attempts to provide a superset of existing NTP checks, with a focus on metrics that reflect NTP's configuration and operational health. Things it checks are: - average offset from configured servers - number ...



Script to verify that your NTP client is watching the proper NTP server.


This simple dummy plugin just to check if a time server is running or not.


Basic monitor that checks if the NTP server is up and running.


This super simple script checks the synchronization with the time server. Specifies the IP server to which you are synchronized and offset. Requires ntpq.


This Perl plugin checks the clock offset with a ntp server.



This plugin will perform a simple synchronization between a Windows 2000 machine and a NTP Server to derive the OffSet,



check_stratum NTP Service Stratum Level Monitoring Script for Nagios. This Script (v.0.1) was designed for running within nrpe daemon, to monitor remote NTP servers. If you do not use nrpe plugin, then use patch (check_stratum.patch) by Daniel Alder.



Check the time on a client, using SSH. This plugin is not meant to check the time server but the time on the clients, using unattended SSH connections. How can i setup a passwordless access from my nagios machine? su - nagios ssh-copy-id user@targ ...



NRPE plugin to check time difference between Nagios server and monitored Linux host


Cisco - Check NTP on MSFC and Switch

Check Cisco NTP on MSFC and Switch- Version 2.2 (07/03/2009)> NTP association

Windows time check against NTPD (check_time.vbs)

VB script to check Windows system time against NTPD server(s) V 1.01 Calls w32tm and parses the output. The script is loosely based off the check_ad_time.vbs by Mattias Ryrlén (