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SSH Framework for Remote Plugins

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This is a framework to securely execute checks on remote machines over SSH. It can be used as a replacement for NRPE.
**Advantages of the ssh framework:**
* no need to install daemons on remote servers (only sshd needed)
* no additional open ports
* can be used to check all plattforms with support of ssh (Linux and AIX tested)
* very secure!
* nagios server cannot log in on the remote host
* nagios server can only execute the checks
* makes administration of nagios easier:
* check parameter can be configured on remote side e.g. warning thresholds, partitions to check, etc...
* server administrator can make changes to the checks without the need to be nagios administrator
* one command for all service checks over ssh (e.g. check_by_ssh!disk, check_by_ssh!procs, ...)
* simple installation

* sshd on remote server
* ssh on nagios server
* check_by_ssh from "offical" nagios-plugins package on the nagios server

**New 09.01.2006: Installation script for easy distribution
(only Linux (tested with suse 9.x))**

Please visit website for more information!