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check_smsfinder.cfgsample nagios config
smsfinder.plperl plugin (revision 1357)
smsnotify.cfgsample notification commands
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A nagios check plugin for the Multitech SMSFinder.
It checks the SMSFinder via HTTP and reports the GSM signal level. Also includes a script to send SMS notifications via the Multitech SMSFinder.

A nagios SMS notification script for the Multitech SMSFinder.
It sends SMS via the Multitech SMSFinder.
A nagios SMS acknowledgement script for the Multitech SMSFinder.
It receives SMS via the Multitech SMSFinder and a web server and sets the acknowledgement in nagios.
Reviews (5)
This plugin has no owner. If anyone wants to take over this project email
byjmaloney, January 31, 2014
Got the notifications working with lrapplegate's change to port 81. However I still haven't gotten the acknowledgement part to work. I would love to see an update. Also the webpage linked here doesn't work for me.
lrapplegate, can you post your new XML data that you were talking about? It would be very useful and much appreciated. Thank you in advanced!

This takes some time to configure, but it all works pretty well!
bylrapplegate, April 11, 2013
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I recently implemented this script along with the Multitech iSMS GSM modem. The firmware that shipped with this modem is the latest version (1.50.7). The modem check part of the script ( function) worked great with no changes needed. The outgoing notification part ( function) didn't work at first but once I changed the API incoming port to 80 (from the default 81) on the modem config it worked fine. However, the returning ACK/OK part (smsack.cgi function) did not work at all. I discovered via Data::Dumper and lots of debug variable printing that the newer modem firmware has changed the XML structure in the receive API. Once I changed the XML::Simple calls the smsack.cgi script worked.

It's all working really well now. I can provide a write-up on the changes I made to get this working for me if anyone is interested.
This is a great script, except that it seems to be broken when used with an iSMS unit that is running the 1.47 release of firmware.

The Linux Journal article from March 2010 is a great reference, but does not solve the current breakage relative to iSMS firmware release 1.47.

I may write my own and submit it, unless someone has fixes.