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Create Ticket in RT

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This script will create a ticket in RT (which is essentially running on a separate server than the one that runs Nagios) when an alarm is acknowledged.
This is a script written in Perl to create a ticket in RT when an alarm is acknowledged in Nagios. There is another shell script from 'benoh' that is available in Nagios Exchange but it has the following limitations.
1. RT should run on the same machine as Nagios
2. All the parameters that are passed on to RT should not have spaces in them.

I found those as limiting factors while trying to implement that script in my Nagios system. So I ended up writing this script in Perl. (Please note that I'm not a Perl expert so this may be not the most efficent way of doing this)

The script' is essentially for the networks where you are running Nagios and RT on separate machines. Also now you can pass parameters that have spaces in them. For example you can have spaces in the 'Acknowledgement Comment'.

One draw back that I still see here is that now I'm not getting the RT ticket number back to Nagios.