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Notification manager addons for Nagios.

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Disabled host and service notification parser

I kept disabling checks and then would get caught up in something else and forgot what I disabled. I created these scripts to remind me what is disabled so I can go back, fix the problem if needed, and re-enable the notifications.

Disabled host and service notification parser - updated...


This is an updated version of an all in one script that does a little bit more than original project: http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Addons/Notifications/*-Notification-Managers/Disabled-host-and-service-notification-parser/details Script looks ...

Molniya XMPP gateway


Molniya presents an IM interface for Nagios, so you can receive and react to problem notifications from Nagios in a convenient way. It uses XMPP (as well as SMTP) for communications. In addition to receiving notifications, you can request status reports, ...



Nag_Alert is a simple script to reduce the amount nagios alerts (for sms users). It sends via direct sms (via gnokii) or via a email sms address.



NoMa - which stands for "Notification Manager" - is an easily extensible tool to simplify the management of Nagios notifications. By Christian Doebler.

Notifications Switch


This PHP Script will allow you to turn on or off notifications for Nagios hosts and services from the command line.

TeamTILT for Nagios


TeamTILT for Nagios TeamTILT for Nagios sends 2-way alerts via SMS, voice calls, iPhone push notifications and emails, worldwide.