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Category: * Remote Check Tunneling

Nagios plugins that run remote checks through various tunneling methods (e.g. SSH).

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bischeck The bischeck plugin is a standalone plugin server that is integrated with Nagios using passive checks over the NSCA, NRDP or Livestatus protocol. bischeck is aimed to monitor business applications but can be used for any monitoring task where support for ...


check_by_snmp / check_snmp_extend / check_snmp_exec


This plugin lets you use extended functionality of SNMP to execute plugins remotely in a way similar to NRPE. In its second mode of operation it allows to use results from some command or a remote data file with actual processing of the data done by a plu ...




check_by_ssh_master is a Nagios plugin that allows plugins to be executed on remote hosts over SSH. It is similar to check_by_ssh but has two advantages: It uses one or more master connections to improve speed, and it supports escaping of parameters whic ...




check cpu, memory, hard-disk by telnet connection


A check_by_ssh like wrapper plugin with caching function

check_mk - a performant and easy to use generic monitor...


check_mk - a performant and easy to use generic monitoring plugin check_mk replaces NRPE, NSClient, check_snmp and other data plugins. It adopts a completely new approach of retrieving data from hosts and network components which is very performant and easy to configure - especially in large monitoring environments. che ...


Logs onto a remote network device, executes native ping command and parses the results.




Checks the load average of the remote system using "uptime" command remotely by invoking of the check_by_ssh command from nagios-plugins-basic package.




Basically, deep-ssh just constructs a bunch of ssh's that call other ssh's, until you're at your destination, at which point, a command is run.

SSH Server

SSH Server is meant to help run large amounts of Nagios service checks by remote ssh.



This script runs the specified Nagios-plugin, captures stdout and reformats the performance-data to multi-label-format as specified by check_multi. It has been designed for check-scripts, which check several instances (f.e. disks) on one system.