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Category: Blackberry

Nagios plugins to monitor Blackberry services and devices.

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Category Listings:
There are 7 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

Fully perl SNMP plugin for BES 5



Short SNMP plugin to check that blackberry services are running. Pending mail state is also available.

check_blackberry (Philipp Deneu)

SNMP-Plugin for checking States of BlackBerry Enterprise Server

check_blackberry (updated)

update of Philipp Deneu plugin. Editor's Note: Plugin seems to have disappeared.


based on check_blackberry5 from tob changed oid for licensing check, testet on bes oid review: = licenses total = licenses free = licenses used



Updated version of check_blackberry which works with BES Server


Updated version for Blackberry Enterprise Server 5.0.3