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UnicenterService Desk Ticket Automation Script


A Nagios script that allow the dynamic and automtization of ticket creation in Unicenter Service Desk. The script is still under development, but has been test with Unicenter Service Desk 11. By Felipe Ferreira.


This plugin checks OTRS for 'new' or 'open' tickets.



NRPE_NT is a Windows version of the NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) daemon for unix-like operation systems. It provides methods to execute Nagios service checks on a Windows host and report the results back to your Nagios host.



NSClient NSClient++ is a monitoring agent/daemon for Windows systems that works with Nagios. It is a replacement for NSClient and NRPE_NT.


A plugin to check an OTRS database for tickets with specified queue and ticket state.

Nagios OTRS Integration

Scripts to send emails to OTRS in the case of new errors or recoveries in Nagios.


create_ticket.pl - RT Integration


A Perl script that will create tickets in RT when an Alarm is acknowledged in Nagios.


SendNagiosAlert - RT Integration


A script that you can use to send an alert to Nagios if a ticket is new or open in a particular RT queue(s).


AutoCloseOnNagiosRecoveryMessages - RT Integration


A Nagios and RT integration script that merges all pending open/new PROBLEM messages related to a given RECOBERY message and automatically close/resolve these tickets.


AIX 5.3 Binaries - NRPE, NSCA, Nagios Plugins


AIX 5.3 binaries for: nrpe 2.12, nsca 2.7.2, nagios-plugins 1.4.11, check_logfiles, and check_procs


AIX 5.3 Binary - NRPE 2.5.2

AIX 5.3 binary of NRPE 2.5.2, with SSL enabled.


AIX 5.3 Binaries - Nagios Plugins 1.4.5

AIX 5.3 precompiled binaries of Nagios Plugins 1.4.5. No mysql/game support.


AIX 5.2 Binaries - NRPE and Nagios Plugins

AIX 5.2 precompiled binaries for NRPE and the official Nagios Plugins. Binaries are confirmed to work on AIX 5.3 as well.




NC_Net NC_Net is a Windows monitoring agent for Nagios. It can perform both passive and active checks, as well as WMI checks, and can run external scripts. Full local or remote configuration. Uses Dot Net Framework 2.0.

SSH Server

SSH Server is meant to help run large amounts of Nagios service checks by remote ssh.


A check_by_ssh like wrapper plugin with caching function

check for clariion controllers

Plugin to check EMC Clarion SAN volume controllers.

/Category:EMC Clarion


Check Vulnerabilities FreeBSD "ports", Gentoo "portage", NetBSD "audit-package"


check_arcor - Cost Control for Arcor


Cost Control for your Arcor bill. Kostenkontrolle für die Arcor Festnetzrechnung.



Check status of SGI's Data Management Facility (DMF) - a hierarchical storage management solution.

check_eplus - Cost control for your mobiles at eplus


This plugin informs you before your phone bill is getting too expensive.


Checks Macrovision FLEXlm license servers. (Requires the lmutil utility for your OS running Nagios - see www.macrovision.com to obtain this).


A feature complete PERL plugin designed to monitor the status of GEOM mirror, stripe, raid3, concat, and shsec volumes on FreeBSD systems. It monitors gmirror very nicely ;)


Simple bash script for GPFS Filesystem (Global Parallel FS) checks. It will check status, inodes, mount and fill level of the fill system. You must execute this plugin local.


check_hetzner - checking monthly traffic limit of your ...


This plugin checks the traffic of your hosts at the german hoster hetzner.


Perl script that runs an injection/extraction test on a MogileFS instance.



nagiostat Nagiostat parses performance-data from Nagios and generates graphs of trends over time. Nagiostat makes use of RRD-tool. It then generates graphs on-the-fly through a CGI-script and HTML-templates. Nagiostat is written in perl.

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