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Nagios XI Operations Center Component


Nagios XI Operations Center Component The Nagios XI Operations Center Component provides a NOC screen-style view of all unhandled host and service problems. The screen automatically refreshes every 30 seconds to show the latest problem events.


Check Disk

Check_disk is a plugin that will return the Total, Free and Used space in MB/GB And % of a given drive.

/Category:Windows NRPE

Basic NRPE_NT Plugins

The plugins are DOS programs written in C/C++ The nrpe_nt service calls these plug-ins and they return the following status on exit with a status string for information printed to stdout.

/Category:Windows NRPE



check_mysql_health check_mysql_health is a plugin for Nagios that allows you to monitor a MySQL database. Among the list of metrics are time to login, index usage, bufferpool hit rate, query cache hit rate, slow queries, temp tables on disk, table cache hit rate, connected ...




NagiosPluginsNT is a comprehensive collection of Nagios check plugins written in C# .NET. The goal is to eventually have a Windows equivalent to the official Nagios plugins for *NIX, but with the power of WMI for Windows monitoring.

Nagios Plugin Collection


This is a collection of various check scripts for the nagios monitoring system. At the moment most of the scripts are checks for the Windows operation systems. Scripts for other platforms are planed and will be added shortly.

Basic use of the Nagios Discovery Tool


Basic use of the Nagios Discovery Tool This video provides a very basic overview of how you can use the Nagios Discovery Tool (NDT) to setup basic monitoring of a Windows Host.




This is a comprehensive set of plugins that builds on and expands Mike Conigliaro's original NagiosPluginNT plugins along with a number of other useful plugins. Compatible with Windows 2008, and available in 32 or 64 bit versions.



WSC is a WMI proxy that allows you to query many windows boxes using WMI. The basic schema is like this [nagios host]->[WSC]->[all win boxes]



NC_Net NC_Net is a Windows monitoring agent for Nagios. It can perform both passive and active checks, as well as WMI checks, and can run external scripts. Full local or remote configuration. Uses Dot Net Framework 2.0.

Improve Nagios Performance Using RAMDISK


This tutorial demonstrates how to use RAMDISK in order to improve Nagios performance.

Monitor FTP Errors with Nagios


This article will show you how to monitor FTP errors with Nagios.

Graph Explorer Component


Graph Explorer Component This is a Nagios XI Customer Download. This component requires Nagios XI 2011R1.3 or later. The Graph Explorer component utilizes javascript libraries to create interactive graphing tools for Nagios XI, including zoomable performance graphs, time-stack ...


Nagios Business Process Intelligence (BPI)


Nagios Business Process Intelligence (BPI) Nagios Business Process Intelligence is an advanced grouping tool that allows you to set more complex dependencies to determine groups states. Nagios BPI provides an interface to effectively view the 'real' state of the network. Rules for group states c ...




nwsc enables you to check as many windows hosts through Nagios as you like without installing any software on these machines.

wmi-proxy plugin

windows wmi proxy service (C#) and nagios check plugin (perl)


Restart Windows Services VBS


A VBScript which will restart a windows service automaticaly via NRPE NT (with logs).

/Category:Windows NRPE


check_sys is a multiple purpose plugin that performs the following checks: disk space, process list, swap utilization, load (run queue), syslog and errpt (AIX)


NSCA Win32 Client

This is a native (non-cygwin) Windows version of send_nsca utility, with mcrypt support.

/Category:Passive Checks



NRPE_NT is a Windows version of the NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) daemon for unix-like operation systems. It provides methods to execute Nagios service checks on a Windows host and report the results back to your Nagios host.

Not available any longer 4




check_multi check_multi is a multi purpose swiss knife plugin. It calls multiple child plugins and displays their output in the long_plugin_output. A summary is given in the standard plugin output. The child return code with the highest severity becomes the parent ...


Check Oracle status & health without install Oracle cli... Popular

This perl nagios plugin allow you to check oracle service (ability to connect to database ) and health of oracle databse (Dictionary Cache Hit Ratio,Library Cache Hit Ratio,DB Block Buffer Cache Hit Ratio,Latch Hit Ratio,Disk Sort Ratio,Rollback Segment W ...




check_oracle_health check_oracle_health is a plugin for the Nagios monitoring software that allows you to monitor various metrics of an Oracle database. It includes connection time, SGA data buffer hit ratio, SGA library cache hit ratio, SGA dictionary cache hit ratio, SGA s ...


Latest Alerts XI Component


Latest Alerts XI Component This Nagios XI component allows you to quickly see the latest host and services alerts in your monitored environment. The alert dashboard shows which problems are handled or unhandled and which services are impacted by problems. It also allows you to q ...




So How can we know the IIS server is responding to all petitions? Well I found a way to go directly in the IIS log files and get the results from there. They key was logparser Its very usefull to monitor, if the site is acting wierd or is being attacked ...




It's a supporting service for Nagios, which enables the Nagios Admin to ACK any Alert/Notification mailed to them by just forwarding that mail to a mail-id owned by them. Currently this service supports only GMail IDs; and a single ID can be used for mu ...


Delete Comments more than n days old

A simple perl script to delete host and service comments older than a given number of days.




Win32APIProxy This NAGIOS plugin allows to remotely monitor Windows hosts in a AGENTLESS fashion. Technically it is using the Win32 API from a Windows proxy server to the remote host. Syntax wise it mirrors NSClient++ features (CPU, RAM, Disk, Svc, Proc., etc).


Plugin Tool

Plugin Tool This Component allows you to test Plugins and Commands. When you upload a plugin to your Nagios XI server you will usually want to test it first. This involves establishing an SSH session to the Nagios XI server and then typing some command line (CLI) ...


Notifications using ISP SMTP server with Authentication

We needed to setup Nagios to utilize our internet service providers SMTP Email server for notification emails. The biggest problem was that the ISP's outgoing email server requires authentication.


Check IIS 7 Application Pool State

This plugin check the state of an Application Pool in IIS 7.0 (Windows Server 2008)




bischeck The bischeck plugin is a standalone plugin server that is integrated with Nagios using passive checks over the NSCA, NRDP or Livestatus protocol. bischeck is aimed to monitor business applications but can be used for any monitoring task where support for ...


MSSQL Job Monitoring Popular

MSSQL Job Monitoring The MSSQL Job Monitoring is designed to monitor sql jobs. The main reason for doing this, this plugin pulls information on Job Details such as Job Name, step name, Current Status, Last Run Status, server, message. This information about Jobs Details allow ...



number_process_nrpe_nt Developed in VBS for Windows NRPE. List the number of processes in task manager for the NRPE.


History Tab

History Tab Adds a tab to Host and Service Detail screens to show history for comments, acknowledgements, downtime and external commands. Twitter: @Box293


Nagios XI Group Creation Tool

Nagios XI Group Creation Tool This tool lets you create a sequence of groups. Handy for implementing a naming standard you already have in place. Lets say you have 200 clients. Each client has a unique number from 1 - 200. You can create 200 groups using this wizard. Example ...

Host Creation Tool

Host Creation Tool This tool lets you create hosts in bulk. Ideal for adding hosts of a similar type quickly. It does NOT add services. You need a list of hosts, their addresses and optionally a description in a spreadsheet / CSV format. The format is addres ...




OnPage OnPage, a critical messaging app for smartphones seamlessly integrates with Nagios monitoring services to ensure CRITICAL alerts get to your smartphone in a way that can NOT be missed. Simply configure Nagios to send a copy of the alert to OnPage on your ...



This plugin will give you the number of file or subdirectory in a directory and can also give its size. The output of the script allows for a graphical If you have an idea for other options ....




check_sharepoint.pl Perl script for functional checking of SharePoint sites. Similar to check_http but with ntlm support. Will also handle form logons for sites published via ISA/TMG servers.


Check Window Process

Checks if a Windows Service is running.


check_files.vbs - external script to be used with nscli...

Check files under a given path against various criteria: namefilter, age, size counts the files which match the given criterias and gives alarm if the count is higher or lower than the threshold (bounds definition conforms to nagios plugin guidelines ...


Service Now Ticketer


A complex alert integration script for Nagios that can open and update tickets in Service-Now.


powershell NRDP


This is a Powershell version of the official send_nrdp.py and send_nrdp.sh clients for Nagios NRDP.

/Category:Passive Checks