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This is a comprehensive set of plugins that builds on and expands Mike Conigliaro's original NagiosPluginNT plugins along with a number of other useful plugins. Compatible with Windows 2008, and available in 32 or 64 bit versions.
Plugins included are:

check_ad (checks active directory)
check_adaptec (checks adaptec RAID controllers)
check_antivirus (checks antivirus program status)
check_cpu (checks CPU utilization)
check_disk_free (checks free space across disks)
check_disk_smart (checks S.M.A.R.T. status of disks)
check_mem (checks memory utilization)
check_ping (checks network connectivity)
check_printer (checks printer toner level)
check_reg (checks if a registry entry exists)
check_services_stopped (checks if automatic services are running)
check_snmp (performs various SNMP checks)
check_snmp_if (uses SNMP to check some network interfaces)
check_swap (checks swap utilization)
check_tcp (checks TCP-level connectivity)
check_uname (reports the system name)
check_uptime (checks time since last reboot)